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Fantastic Food



Food is essential in our life. Food even became a habit for some people. Some enjoy it and keep fit, and others have a problem with being overweight. I am sure everyone was playing games or watching TV and eating.

So grab some snacks and try these Fire Joker slots to test your luck, and we will describe some interesting facts about amazing food.

“We eat in order to live,” said the ancient Latins. They added: “But we do not live to eat.” It is certainly better to live with a good attitude – it is good for health and harmony in relations with others.

Scientists say that there are special foods that quickly improve mood, and, in general, a truly correct diet is based on their regular use.

Mood-enhancing foods have special compounds in their chemistry that interact chemically with your central nervous system. Just a wonderful taste is not enough to charge the body with positive energy with the help of food.

It sounds paradoxical, but products for a good mood are also useful because they contain an enviable amount of amino acids, vitamins, and necessary micro and macro elements.


Among the tasty and, at the same time, useful antidepressants, chocolate is undoubtedly the leader. It all happens due to the fact that it contains a substance called tryptophan, which helps the synthesis of phenylethylamine and contributes to the production of “happiness hormones” in the body.

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However, remember that all the above can only be applied to dark natural chocolate. The milk “version” of it and white chocolate are absolute, from this point of view, useless sweets.

It is recommended to use chocolate, especially in stressful situations: it does not require much; a quarter of a bar a day will be enough. If you follow a strict chocolate diet, portions can be increased, but after all, a person will not eat almost any other products at this time.


Oranges, as products that cheer up a person, overtook other citruses in the rating for this reason – such a successful combination nowhere else combines a high concentration of vitamins with a juicy, bright taste.

Oranges are quite capable of becoming the main supplier of vitamin C for the body. Many people know it is a powerful protector against colds and viral diseases. Vitamin C guarantees a strong and stable immune system and a healthy nervous system.

Love for oranges has a beneficial effect on the state of the respiratory and cardiac systems. In addition, these fruits have a pronounced antioxidant effect. Isn’t it a reason to improve your mood to stay young for a long time?

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Strawberries can compete with the oranges mentioned above. It is quite capable of giving you pleasant emotions because this berry is also abundantly full of vitamin C.

But the problem of losing weight will certainly not contribute to the problem of losing weight because it causes an excellent appetite for almost everyone. Although, despite this, some women manage to sit on a strawberry diet and lose some kilos at the same time.

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