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Coffee Habits: How People Take Their Coffee Around The World



In the last year, very few people have managed to travel abroad, and many people dream with open eyes of a vacation spent in foreign lands.

In the following article, we have prepared a list of coffee recipes that are enjoyed in different places around the world. All you have to do is order your favorite Coffee, prepare the chosen recipe according to the desired destination, but the themed music in the background, and enjoy the drink imagining that you are in an exotic place. So where would you like to travel?

Scandinavian Countries – Coffee With Egg

Egg coffee is very similar to the egg liqueur you prepare for the holidays and is very easy to make. There are two ways to make Coffee with egg:

1. Make strong Coffee, kettle or coffee maker. Break an egg, separate the yolk from the egg white and keep only the first one. Add the honey over the yolk, mix well, then pour the hot Coffee over, continuing to stir until you get a frothy coffee.

2. Instead of egg yolks, you can use egg whites. Beat one egg white (or more, depending on the number of coffees) hard foam, add sugar, then pour the hot Coffee over and continue to stir until the layers come together.

The egg coffee recipe is delicious, but never forget that products that contain raw eggs can cause food poisoning, so make sure you buy your eggs from a safe source.

Great Britain – Irish Coffee

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare the classic Irish Coffee recipe:

● A cup of Coffee brewed or espresso (including coffee capsules can be used)

● 3-5 tablespoons of whiskey

● A teaspoon of sugar, preferably brown

● Whipped cream for garnish

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Method of Preparation

If you have purchased the four ingredients, the steps to get to the desired Irish Coffee are very simple:

● Pour the espresso or Coffee into the kettle in clear glass.

● Add the sugar and mix well. The sugar will help the whipped cream to float to the surface of the glass.

● Put the whiskey and make sure there is room for the whipped cream.

● Garnish with a layer of whipped cream, preferably freshly beaten.

Piece of Advice:

● For an authentic experience, use Irish whiskey and quality coffee.

● It is important not to incorporate whipped cream that floats on the surface. Irish Coffee is drunk by consuming the mix of Coffee, whiskey and sugar through the cream layer.

● So that the whipped cream does not sink into the glass, it is good to pour it in a spoon positioned above the drink and let it flow easily on the surface of the cocktail.

● Irish Coffee best reveals its flavors when consumed hot.

Singapore – Kopi Gu Yu

Butter coffee, known as Kopi Gu Yu, is often served in Singapore but also in Thailand or Malaysia. Over the roasted Coffee, add a little milk and a piece of butter, ingredients that give the consistency of the drink.

Vietnam – Ca Phe Da

Vietnamese cold Coffee is also known as Ca Phe Da or Café Dam. Traditionally, this drink is prepared using a small French filter and then poured Coffee and sweetened condensed milk directly over the ice. The proportions of milk and Coffee are equal so that the drink obtained is sweet and tasty.

Morocco – Spicy Coffee

Moroccan Coffee has an extremely strong but seductive aroma. Freshly ground coffee beans are mixed with pepper, nutmeg, and sesame seeds before being infused. Coffee offers a mix of spicy, sweet, and bitter tastes.

Turkey – Coffee With Honey and Garlic

It is a well-known fact that the British drink coffee with honey, a much healthier sweetening option than sugar. But if you add a little garlic to this combination, you have crossed the continent and arrived in Istanbul. The recipe belongs to “old Maur”, and the Turks prepare it every time over low heat, in a copper or copper kettle.

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Hong Kong – Coffee With Tea

In Hong Kong, you will discover an original method of making Coffee. Mix three parts tea, one part coffee, add condensed milk and pepper, and you get a spicy and tasty drink. You can enjoy it both cold and hot, depending on the weather outside, but also on your preferences.

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Mexico – Flaming Coffee

The Coffee enjoyed in Puerto Penasco is a real spectacle. It is prepared with tequila and Kahlua (coffee liqueur). After a flame has been added, the Coffee is poured one at a time into a metal container, which creates an impressive cascade of flames. When the time comes to enjoy it, cream and a cherry are added to the drink.

Try decaf coffee or any of the recipes above and tell us if you liked them. Also, do not hesitate to tell us if you know other interesting ways to prepare Coffee in different countries around the world!

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