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Capitalize On The Benefits Of The Portugal Golden Visa



Since January 1, 2021, UK citizens have become eligible to apply for the Golden Visa of Portugal. This visa can lead to citizenship. After completing five years of the Golden Visa, you can be given Portuguese citizenship if you have a clean criminal record, paid all taxes in Portugal, and passed a basic Portuguese language test.

The Impact of Brexit

Before Brexit, citizens in the United Kingdom could not apply for the Portugal Golden Visa. However, after the complete implementation of Brexit, they can apply. As per the Brexit rules, UK citizens cannot travel freely in the Schengen region. However, if they get the Portugal Golden Visa, they can do so. The current scenario is that UK expatriates have a special inclination for Portugal, particularly the Algarve region, which is regarded as a perfect location for retirement. In 2022, the number of registered UK citizens in Portugal was 35,000, while the total count of UK citizens is twice this.

Travel to 188 Nations without a Visa

The European Union has Portugal as a member. After UK citizens get the Portugal Golden Visa, their rights for visa-free travel are identical to other EU citizens. They can travel to 188 countries across the world without having a visa.

EU citizenship

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After five years of residency in Portugal, a UK citizen becomes a Portuguese citizen. It follows that they directly become EU citizens. Now, they can live, work, or study in any country within the European Union.

Inclusion of Family Members

For the Portugal Golden Visa, you can include your family members also. It implies the inclusion of your spouse and children who have not crossed their 18th birthday. If those children who have crossed their 18th birthday and are studying full-time, due to which they depend on you, you can include them.

Economic Living

In Portugal, the average price of goods is 23 percent lesser than in the UK. If you relocate from a city to a place far from the city, the prices are even lesser. Moreover, compared to the UK, healthcare expenses in Portugal are also low. Thus, you can lead your life economically in Portugal. As per the 2021 Global Peace Index, Portugal is ranked as the fourth-most nation for the ‘peace’ criterion. Overall, it has lower crime rates than the UK or other EU nations, making it a very safe location.


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Portugal abounds in a large count of international schools that include British curricula and international curricula. Therefore, UK citizens can easily continue their children’s education in Portugal. The quality of this education is of a higher level.

Conducive Tax System

Portugal and the UK have the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA). Therefore, you need not pay tax in Portugal for your income outside of Portugal. In contrast, you have a Portugal Golden Visa for UK citizens or continue to be a citizen of Portugal.

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