8 Upgrades That Make Your House More Fun to Live In



Your home should be a comfortable place where you can relax, have fun, and spend time with the people you love. Home is where you escape from the stresses of work and school, so it should be comfortable and inviting. However, sometimes our homes can feel a little boring or uninteresting. You may get caught up in making upgrades to your home to “add value” but none of them really add any fun or personality to the space. If you’re looking to personalize your home, these upgrades will make your house more fun to live in.

Mix Things Up With Color

Color can be a powerful tool in making your home more fun to live in. Find colors you love and that work well for the ways that you use each room. Bedrooms can be dark and cozy or light and relaxing. Choose colors that you love first and foremost. Mix it up and choose wall colors or wallpaper that are bright and fun. You can mix colors or choose to use different colors in each room to help define you separate spaces. Look at maximalist designs to find color options that work well together, but that add a bit more fun than gray and white everywhere can do.

Install Exterior Lights Just for Fun

Exterior lights aren’t just for Christmas and parties. In fact, installing color changing lights can help draw attention to the shape of your home or they can light up a backyard for inviting guests. Add some fun lighting for parties. If you’re planning a get-together or an outdoor event, adding a few well-placed lights can make it feel like the party of your dreams. You might want to invest in some string lights and hang them from the trees around your yard, or even just put up some lanterns to create the right mood. Exterior lights can also help guests feel more secure when they are coming onto your property.

Add Media and Surround Sound Options

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more fun, then consider adding some media and surround sound options. Surround sound is the process of using multiple speakers in different locations to create an immersive experience.

 It’s like creating a movie theater in your home. This can be as simple as buying a single speaker system or as complex as building out an entire home theater system from scratch. Nowadays, companies make speakers that can pack a lot of sound into a small space. Even those single-bar speakers often have better sound quality than the speakers on your TV.

Create Flexible Spaces That Serve Multiple Uses

Use a room for multiple purposes. If you have a spare room, consider using it as an office or guest bedroom if you have regular visitors, but also use it as a crafting space when no one is coming. You can even turn your garage into an artist’s studio or woodshop. Make rooms more functional by adding flexible furniture like convertible sofas and multi-purpose storage, like a desk that converts into a dining table.

Try Some Alternative Flooring Materials

Another fun upgrade is to consider the flooring in your house. If you’re looking to add some new flooring, consider alternatives to wood and tile.

 Cork, linoleum, and bamboo are products that can be installed in place of traditional materials. You can even use tiles that look like wood or other materials if you want to make each space unique.

A Pool and/or Hot Tub

If you have the space, a pool or hot tub is a great addition to your home. Both are fun and can be enjoyed by all ages. Pools and hot tubs are great for relaxing and enjoying fun times with friends and family. Pools are larger and more expensive, but you can use heaters in them so that they too can be used even in the colder months and more people can enjoy a pool at once than a hot tub. Some people love using a hot tub. No matter which one you choose, they are both a fun addition to any home.

A Permanent Fire Pit

A permanent fire pit is another fun upgrade for your house. It’s a great way to add ambiance to your outdoor space. You can gather around them as a family to share stories, have conversations, and even cook and roast marshmallows. Plus, they also add warmth and light during those long summer nights when you want something more than just an outdoor lamp.


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