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5 In-Site Casino Games That You Could Play Online



Some gamblers have second thoughts about playing online casino games and think the entertainment value may decrease. But worry not, as games offered online could still be fun or even more enjoyable because of their many benefits.

Playing online could bring many perks, especially for those who struggle to visit traditional casinos or live far from the city. Not to mention, online casinos offer something new to their players from time to time since technology keeps advancing. For example, online casino games were only allowed to be viewed through personal computers, but nowadays, you can play even on your tablets or mobile devices.

So, if you’re an avid fan of live casino games, you wouldn’t be disappointed trying to play online, as what you see in a live casino are also on online platforms. Thus, here are five of the traditional casino games you could also play virtually.


Are you a fan of American, European, and French roulette? If yes, then try your luck in this game! The three common variations of playing roulette games are also accessible online, and frequently, it’s even more enjoyable. Also, the strategies you use in land casinos, like the Martingale, Fibonacci rule, and more, could work when playing online.

For decades, traditional casinos have profited from players who take their chances on roulette machines. In this sense, taking it to the online platform is a great way to let those who can’t visit land casinos experience the fun and thrill of this casino game.

Until now, roulette remains popular, especially since it can be played virtually. Not to mention, wagering in this kind of casino game is affordable. Also, people who play roulette enjoy the comfort of wagering anywhere, anytime, since the online interface allows them to experience casinos online while gaining profit safely and securely.


Craps is a dice game and is known as the fastest casino game. In in-site casinos, it requires a specially-designed table where bettors can place their bets. The main objective of playing this game is to predict where the dice will be last spotted.

One reason why players enjoy this game online is because of how land-based casinos set various crap etiquette rules to follow during live crap games. On the contrary, in online crap games, no other players are involved since you are playing on your computer, with etiquette nonexistent.

Thus, it will only be you and the online dealer. So, in this sense, you are playing without worrying about offending anyone.

Slot Machines

If you’ve enjoyed the experience of playing slot machines in land casinos, you’ll surely find it extra fun online! You don’t need in-depth learning or understanding if you want to play this game since mastering it is easy.

Typically, the rules are the same, only that it happens through your screen. You start with having a wager; then, you take your luck by spinning the machine’s reels. This kind of game is usually offered in an online casino as a free or bonus for new subscribers. Doing this allows a player to try their luck without hesitation at the prospect where they might lose money.

But, even when someone loses, they could also gain money through this game. A great edge of playing this game in an online setup is that the chances of winning on land and online are the same. You could enjoy winning a jackpot, but you could experience some losses, especially if you’re a beginner.



Maybe you have heard of poker a lot of times, as it is considered a gambler’s favorite game! If playing slot machines typically depend more on a person’s chance and luck, playing poker is the opposite since it requires skills. Thus, you’ll see many pros already bringing home a huge amount of money because they have what it takes to win.

Many gamblers claim that playing poker online, not live, is better, especially for those who are typically busy but still want to insert time in their day to play poker. Meanwhile, a few still believe that offline poker games are still best because of human interaction, which is reduced when playing online.

But the best place to play poker would differ from person to person, so as a player, you have the freedom to decide which avenue is best for you and your needs.


If you enjoy card games in traditional casinos, like Baccarat, you might find playing it online more convenient and engaging. This game may seem complicated at first for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, it will be relatively easy to place your wagers.

Luck is a huge factor in this casino game. You will witness comparing cards run in two hands, with the first two being dealt in the player’s hand and the other two in the banker’s. In this sense, the player must bet on two hands.

There is also another bet you could place in this game known as the tie bet, but typically the chances of winning this bet are seldom.

Final Thoughts

Casinos could bring wonderful entertainment value to the players, whether online or on-site. But, it’s undeniable that you could easily find a profitable game in an online casino because of the wide range of games available to many. Online casinos also tend to give more rewards and bonuses than traditional ones.

Hence, whether you just want convenience or are planning to practice before trying your hand at an on-site casino, online casinos offer a lot for your betting experience. So don’t hesitate and play a game today!

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