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12 Sentimental Gifts From the Maid of Honor To The Bride



The maid of honor is an important role at a wedding, and you would no doubt want to get something special for the bride. Gifts are always a good way to show our love to close friends and family. However, it can be difficult figuring out the perfect maid of honor gift to bride sometimes. Would it be a wedding subscription box or something even more significant?

Would your maid of honor gift be something for the bride alone, or a gift for the couple? Certain factors, such as your relationship with the bride and the couple could determine what you get. Some of our favorite choices are personalized items the bride is sure to love, Paris Eyelash Academy.

Whether you are looking to get a gift for the bride to be or wedding gifts for a young couple, take a look at our collection for some inspiration.

1. Bridal Boxes

A bride subscription box is one of the best gifts you can get for a bride to be. If you are looking for a sentimental gift from maid of honor to bride, then consider this one gift that keeps on giving. A well curated wedding subscription box provides the bride with wedding planning items as well as other personalized wedding related accessories that she would need all through the wedding planning stages, to the wedding, and even on to the honeymoon.

The miss to mrs bridal box especially, can be customized to fit any type of bride and any type of wedding. Whether you need wedding planners, items for pre wedding events, bridal décor, or luxurious robes for getting ready the misstomrs bride box can be the singular answer to all of those. So, gift your bride to be in the most special way with the best of bridal box subscriptions.

2. Personalized Bridal Robe

Another lovely bridesmaid gift to bride is a personalized robe. We can always do with that extra robe, but even better when it’s so special. A silk or satin robe in the bride’s favorite color and personalized with her initials would make a perfect gift indeed. Something sleek and comfortable she can wear when getting ready on the wedding day.

3. Scented Candle

Get your bride to be a lovely scented candle to mark her wedding. Even better if you can get her a “Just Married” candle that would be even more special and sentimental. Find the right candle that has all of her favorite scents and smells. Something she will always treasure and that will carry all of the nostalgia and memories of this special time in her life.

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4. Ring Dish

A bridal ring dish will always be a thoughtful gift to give a bride on her wedding day. She has just received this most important piece of jewelry and a special ring dish would be the perfect place to put it, along with other itty-bitty sized gems.

5. Sentimental locket

A personalized option with her initials or the initials of the couple, perhaps with floral details and in her favorite color, would be genius.

6. Pajama Set

We can always do with a new pajama set, and as a bride gift from maid of honor, this would be a winner. This would be a versatile option as she could wear it while getting ready for the wedding, and many mornings after. Cozy and soft pajamas of silk or satin in a color she would love is a truly thoughtful gift. Check out Eberjey for more pajama sets you can give to your maid of honors.

7. Wine Subscription

A gift that keeps on giving, this would give them something to look forward to on date nights, or days they just want to cuddle up in front of the TV. It is also something to remember you by as they drink to your health and theirs.

8. Flower Subscription

Thinking about couple gifts from maid of honor to bride? If your couple love flowers, then a floral subscription is definitely something they would appreciate. Keep their home sweet-smelling for weeks on end.

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9. Personalized Compact Mirror

Have her throw out her old compact mirror for this new personalized option especially for a new bride. If you are considering unique gifts for the bride, then this would totally do. Every girl would love a new compact mirror, even better when it’s one designed with her in mind. A glittery option of yellow or rose gold, engraved with her initials or sentimental words would be perfect.

10. Spa Gift Card

Give your bride to be the gift of relaxation, something she would enjoy and be thankful for. With all the stress of planning a wedding, she would need some time for herself, to rejuvenate and heal. A spa week of massages, mani-pedis and soothing facials would be just the thing. Find her favorite spa or one you are sure she would love and make it happen.

11. Bridal Emergency Kit

One essential that might escape the bride’s mind and would fall in the area of MOH responsibilities, is a wedding emergency kit A most thoughtful gift to the bride from maid of honor, this kit often contains essentials like safety pins, double-sided tape, floss, stain remover, bandages, earring backs and a lot more.

12.  “Happily Ever After” Jacket

Have your bride leave her wedding in a stylish way with a leather jacket that says, “Happily Ever After”. Asides from the fact that it will be great for photos, if you are looking to splurge on your maid of honor gift to the bride, then this would be a fabulous choice.

Give your bride the send-off she needs with a maid of honor gift to bride that you are sure she will love. Get inspired with our list of gifting ideas for bride to find the perfect one.

13. Jewelry

In order to find the best gift for a bride, we need to know what she likes and dislikes. There are many different types of gifts that can be given to a bride on her wedding day.

Some of the more popular gifts include moon star ring, snake ring, necklaces, and earrings from Adina Eden. All these mentioned are all great options while engraved rings can be also be a good choice they can be personalized with the bride’s name or initials. Another option is to give her something that will help her in her new home such as kitchenware or furniture.

14. Unique Wine Gift

Wine is a wonderful gift for just about any bride. Especially something unique. Wines of Colorado come in a variety of interesting flavors. These are sure to be a hit.

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