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History of Gold Chains. Why Are They So Popular



Modern-day jewellery such as gold chains has become regular everyday wear for some people. However, you will be astonished to know that it is not something new. Gold chains have decades-old history and proof of utilisation or different purposes.

History defines the importance of everything, including metals. The gold chain has received a well-deserved place in jewellery because it shows eternal love and other admirable stuff about human connection. However, it is fascinating to learn how the purpose of gold has changed over time. Therefore, this article will deal with a short history about it. Let’s explore.

Origin of Chains

Do you know the chain has passed down to us from our ancestors? It seems unreal, but yes, it is true. Gold chains belong to the human world back to at least 2500 BC. It was the time when the ancient Egyptians started threatening silver and gold together.

Gold was found and available in high quantities in the country named Greece. It was bountiful and seemed attractive. Therefore, they started creating pendants with chains to flaunt on their necks. By the end of 300 BC, it was associated with the upper class as they wore lavish gold ornaments.

Gold Chain Entry in Men’s Fashion

At the beginning of the 1900s, men’s suits were everyday wear worldwide. It was the time when they were trending, and men used to wear them hanging from the chain. This was regarded as the cavemen style, and honestly, it was the most thoughtful and smooth-looking design. However, it evoked a craving for jewellery, specifically gold jewellery.

However, it remained the favourite style of men for a long time. Instead of staying formal, suits and pocket watches started categorising a casual outfit in the 50s.

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Influence of Music

The music industry has a significant impact on fashion, style, and specifically, jewellery. In the 60s, the effect of music forced the era of layered chains and medallions.

As advancement was made in technology, hip-hop turned into an organised industry and was more commercialised. With time and their interest, jewellery has become a part of marketing strategy. Here we can quote an example of record labels used to compete on billboards while flaunting their huge chains and pendants. The well-known name Notorious Big is remembered due to his vast Jesus piece chain.

We are still highly influenced by the hip-hop phenomenon, which has become more than just music. Gold chains have become a common part of hip hop as well as urban style and its undying trend.

Modern Chain Necklace

Over time, gold chains have become a part of everyday use for both men and women to give life to their new yet simple outfits. Nowadays, it is considered a valuable gift for the friend of the fiancé. However, the variety of choices has made selection difficult. There are many things to consider. You can select something meaningful and or style that complements the personality.

However, we can say gold chains share a long history with our ancestors and can expect the same for our descendants.

Importance of Gold Chains

Gold chains were used as a symbol of supreme beings for different religions in the past. Over time, they have made associations with wealth and broken ties within divinity. Rap artists were the most likely the ones who bought all types of gold accessories. There are many reasons for men to choose gold chains. It can be due to sentimental value or to complement the outfit.

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Fashion Statement

Men generally perceive gold chains as showy pieces of ornaments or shiny mini accessories to complement the outfit. The design and style of the jewelry depend on their character, but always unmatchable and upgrades men’s fashion.

Before the evolution of mens gold chains, men’s fashion was limited to watches, rings, earrings, or bracelets. However, now there is no lack of diversity. Even the wide range of Men’s Gold Watch options has made men’s fashion more amusing and encourages men to be more stylish and attractive.

Add particular gold chains to finalise the look for men who want to define their taste and choice and rise to the usual style.

Gold is Time Less

Gold lasts forever, and its timeless nature makes it one of the best metals for men’s accessories. For this purpose, gold jewelry is a safe investment and a valuable thing that you can pass down to the next generations.

Choosing the right length of gold is essential to create an attractive look. However, it depends on the height of men. At commonly considered length is 18 to 35 inches. For the best ornament, it would be better to directly measure the chain length to the body to find the right piece. Not only size considering thickness will also save you from later inconvenience.


Apart from styling the outfit, gold chains are valuable means to define men’s social class and status. The chains are mostly expensive. Hence the men who can afford to wear this fine piece of jewelry indicate their class and position in society.

Moreover, the chains also show affiliation to specific groups in society. For example, those who started wearing gold chains were members of the hip-hop industry. The gold chains also signify good and neutrality in many cultures. Some people believe that it keeps the person away from negativity and brings prosperity, peace, and happiness. Whatever your purpose is, make sure to choose the best place to buy gold chains.

Wrap up

The gold chains share a long history as they are timeless metals passed down from generation to generation. Due to this feature, it has gained immense popularity throughout the globe. However, gold has enrooted its way into the jewelry for everyone, including men and women.

Gold chains are used not only to show off but also to define the class in society. Its association with cultures has boosted its value. Hence, if you are willing to get a hand on a gold chain, consider its style, worth, and other features to land the best piece.

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