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The Benefits Of Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Travel With Kids



flashpacker family travel blog travel with kids

Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Travel With Kids

Travelling with kids can be both a magical and challenging experience. As a flashpacker family travel blogger, I can attest that travelling with kids comes with its own set of difficulties, but it’s all worth it in the end. Not only does family travel provide an opportunity to create lasting memories, but it also teaches valuable life lessons and encourages personal growth for both parents and kids alike.

In my experience, blogging about family travel as a flashpacker (a blend of the words “flashy” and “backpacker”) is particularly rewarding. By combining the best of both worlds – budget travel and luxury – flashpackers can enjoy the comforts of high-end accommodation and transportation while exploring exotic and off-the-beaten-path locations. And when you add kids into the mix, it’s sure to be an adventure!

Through my family travel blog, I share my experiences of travelling with kids as a flashpacker, offering tips, advice, and inspiration. I encourage families to travel, even with little ones in tow, and show that it’s possible to strike a balance between relaxation and exploration. With proper planning and an adventurous mindset, flashpacker family travel with kids can lead to unforgettable experiences and create a lifelong love of exploration.

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The Advantages of Flashpacking with Kids

Flashpacking with kids is a type of family-friendly travel that focuses on modern and independent exploration while still maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. As a family travel blogger who embraces flashpacking with my kids, I have found many advantages to this style of travel.

1. Flexibility

The adventurous nature of flashpacking combined with the needs and wants of the family ensures flexibility in the travel itinerary. We can choose which destinations to visit and for how long, rather than being tied to a strict schedule set by an agency or tour operator.

2. Value for Money

Flashpacking usually means staying in budget-friendly accommodations like hostels or family-run guesthouses, but with modern amenities like Wi-Fi and cosy beds. We saved a lot of money on our travel expenses by avoiding costly resorts and getting more affordable but equally comfortable accommodations without compromising on safety and hygiene.

3. Authentic Experiences

Flashpacker family travel allows us to immerse ourselves in local cultures and people, explore hidden gems, and get off-the-beaten-path experiences. As a result, it helps us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places and people we meet, which is tough to create through standard travel experiences.

4. Bonding Time

Travelling with kids can be challenging, but flashpacking affords ample bonding time. Shared experiences, encounters with new people, and adventures bring families closer, creating strong bonds and lasting memories.

5. Educational Opportunities

Exploring different countries, cultures, and languages provide educational opportunities for flashpacking families and instant learning experiences for kids, which is fun and rewarding while travelling. And blogging about your family’s experiences will not only document your travels but also show your kids how to express themselves creatively.

Key Takeaway

Flashpacking with kids is a perfect blend of adventure, budget-travelling, culture, and family-time. It’s a unique and rewarding experience with many advantages that can enhance your family travel experiences.

How Travel Blogging Benefits Families

As a flashpacker family travel blogger, I have discovered many benefits of documenting our adventures around the world. Not only has it allowed us to create a lasting memory of our trips, but it has also provided numerous benefits to our family life. Here are some of the ways I believe travel blogging while travelling benefits families:

  • Helps to keep family and friends informed: Travel blogging allows us to easily share our adventures with family and friends who may not be able to travel with us. They can see the sights we see and learn about the experiences we have in real-time. It also helps to keep them updated on our safety and whereabouts.
  • Encourages learning and growth: When we travel, we learn about new cultures, history, and ways of life. By documenting our journeys, we can share what we’ve learned with our readers and encourage them to explore and learn more about the world too. This not only benefits our children but also helps us grow as individuals.
  • Creates a record of memories: Travel blogging has allowed me to capture moments and memories that I might have otherwise forgotten. It’s an excellent way to document our family’s growth and the milestones we’ve reached while travelling with our kids.
  • Provides an income stream: While it’s not the main reason why I started travel blogging, it has provided our family with a source of income. By collaborating with brands and promoting products we use while travelling, we can offset some of the costs of our trips and make travel more accessible for our family of four.
  • Helps kids develop writing skills: I encourage my kids to contribute to our blog by writing about their experiences. This not only helps them hone their writing skills but also teaches them how to express their thoughts and feelings in a creative and constructive manner.

In conclusion, travel blogging while travelling has numerous benefits for families. It encourages learning and growth, creates a lasting record of memories, and helps us share our adventures with others. It also has the potential to provide a source of income and encourages our children to develop their writing skills. Overall, I believe that travel blogging is an excellent way for families to bond and grow together while exploring this beautiful world we live in.

Engaging Kids in Travel through Blogging

Travelling with kids can be quite challenging at times. However, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. Involving kids in your travel planning process can help them get excited about the trip. One way to do this is by engaging them in travel blogging.

As a family travel blogger for Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Travel With Kids, I have discovered several benefits of involving my kids in the blogging process. Here are a few reasons why you should consider encouraging your kids to blog about their travel experiences:

1. Enhances their creativity and communication skills

Blogging allows kids to express their creativity and use their imaginations. Kids can use words, pictures, videos, and other media to bring their travel experiences to life. This can help enhance their writing skills and communication skills, as they learn how to convey their thoughts and emotions in an engaging and effective way.

2. Gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility

By providing your kids with their own travel blog, you are giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility for their travel experiences. This can help boost their confidence and self-esteem, as they take charge of their own travel adventures. It can also teach them the importance of organisation and planning, as they learn how to schedule and document their trips.

3. Allows them to connect with other kids and cultures

Blogging about their travel experiences can help kids connect with other kids from around the world. They can share their stories, photos, and videos with other young travellers, and learn about different cultures and customs. This can help broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge about the world.

In conclusion, engaging kids in travel through blogging can be a fun and valuable experience for both parents and children. It allows kids to express their creativity, take ownership of their travel adventures, and connect with other young travellers from around the globe. So why not encourage your kids to start blogging about their travel experiences today?


In conclusion, it’s clear that Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Travel With Kids provides numerous benefits for both parents and children. As a parent and blogger myself, I believe that travelling with kids can be an incredibly enriching and unforgettable experience, and with the right mindset and preparation, there are endless opportunities for adventure and education.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Flashpacking provides a comfortable yet adventurous travel experience that is perfect for families.
  • Travelling with kids allows for invaluable cultural and educational experiences.
  • Travelling as a family creates unforgettable memories and strengthens relationships.
  • Travelling with a purpose, such as volunteering or learning a new skill, can make the trip even more meaningful.
  • Family travel blogs, like Flashpacker Family Travel Blog, provide inspiration, advice, and support for families planning their next adventure.

Overall, I highly recommend Flashpacker Family Travel Blog Travel With Kids for any family looking to embark on a new and exciting adventure. With a little planning, a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, and an open mind, the benefits of family travel are truly limitless. Happy travels!

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