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Still Thinking About Rome? How to Immerse Yourself in this Idealised Period of History



In the not-too-distant past, social media platforms were abuzz with yet another trend centered around how much people knew about the Roman Empire. Given its prestige and how much the modern Western world is etched with the legacy of ancient Rome, it’s unsurprising that the topic often comes up in our thoughts and conversations.

While the Romans were conquerors and bringers of civilized society to much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Rome’s impact on North America has also been significant. The erstwhile might of the empire makes Ancient Rome an easy source of inspiration for grandiose architectural marvels of today, à la Caesars Palace, or even the elite masculinity showcased in productions like Gladiator.

Sometimes, you just want to do as the Romans did: build an empire, demonstrate the advancements of Rome’s greatest minds, and pepper the Mediterranean with mighty settlements. For this, there’s a whole host of great games that give you the power of Caesars.

Full-scale Roman experience

PC has become the home of the modern Roman emperors. On the gameplay level, the depth required for a strong Rome simulation demands the controls and UI of a PC. From the options presented by the platform, a deluge of Roman Empire games has spawned. Chief among these is Total War: Rome – the game is so good they released it twice.

The Rome: Total War – Collection boasts over 12,000 very positive reviews on Steam, while Total War: Rome Remastered, released in mid-2021, currently boasts 9,572 mostly positive reviews. Despite being released in 2004, the original holds up incredibly well because of its strong controls and core mechanics. In both, the initial play has you take on one of three Roman houses with designs to win over Rome through conquest.

Since Rome: Total War, a whole host of developers have sought to emulate a similar style or explore Rome in new ways. Nova Roma, which comes out this year, lets you build your own Rome from scratch. Alternatively, you have the very well-received Expeditions: Rome, a turn-based RPG, and what was originally an Xbox One launch release, Ryse: Son of Rome. Ryse has become much more appreciated since the mediocre launch review scores.

Rome on the go

Some who wish to immerse themselves in all things Roman don’t always enjoy the hefty sessions of strategy, city-building, and battles presented by the best PC games. Luckily, mobile has also become swarmed with options for fans of the Roman Empire. Rome is widely represented in the libraries of mobile-optimized new casinos, from the Coliseum to Caesars and the ranks of the Roman legionaries.

Highlighted under the game variety and software providers that new platforms should draw from, Rome: Fight for Gold is featured among the top new releases. In this online slot, you step out onto the blood-stained stands to rumble for jackpot prizes and multipliers. Away from the stacked libraries of these apps, you can also find some decent games in the app stores.

Released in late 2023, perhaps the best Roman mobile app is Romans: Age of Caesar. Rather than being another generic-themed city builder in which it’s you against all others on the server, with its various time walls and paywalls, Romans: Age of Caesar is a more focused experience. You’re in with 15 other players in a co-op city builder, while everyone focuses on building Rome but jostles for the title of Caesar through politicking, alliances, and betrayals.

Immerse yourself in the glory of ancient Rome in any of these grand creations!


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