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Here’s How to Make Animal in Little Alchemy 1



Little Alchemy 1 is a simple but addictive game that challenges players to mix and match different elements to create new ones. One of the first creations players strive for is the animal. It may seem easy, but it can be a bit tricky because you need the right combinations to unlock this element.

To create an animal in Little Alchemy 1, you need to combine at least two basic elements. The most common combination is combining the human element with either the wild animal or beast element. Other combinations that will unlock the animal include combining the bird with either the wild animal or beast, or the lizard with the wild animal.

It’s important to note that while combining the animal with other elements may create different animals, it won’t unlock the animal element. Once you have successfully created the animal element, you’ll be able to combine it with other elements to create even more complex creations. So why not try your hand at Little Alchemy 1 and see how many elements you can create?

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How to Make Animal in Little Alchemy 1

If you’re playing Little Alchemy 1, you may be wondering how to create an animal. Well, wonder no more! In this section, I’ll walk you through the steps to make an animal in Little Alchemy 1.

  1. The basic ingredients you will need to create an animal are earth, fire, air, and water. These four basic elements are the foundation of Little Alchemy 1. You can find earth, fire, air, and water icons located on the right side of the screen.
  2. The next step is to combine these four basic elements with other elements to create new ones. For example, you can combine earth and water to create mud, or fire and water to create steam. But how do you turn these combinations into an animal?
  3. To create an animal, you will need to combine two basic elements: earth and air. When you combine earth and air, you will create a bird.
  4. Once you’ve created a bird, you’re halfway there! The final step is to combine the bird with either earth, water, or fire. Here are the results:
  • If you combine the bird with earth, you will create a mouse.
  • If you combine the bird with water, you will create a duck.
  • If you combine the bird with fire, you will create a phoenix.

And there you have it, folks! That’s how you can make an animal in Little Alchemy 1. Remember to experiment with different combinations to see what other elements you can create. Good luck and have fun!

If you’re wondering how to make animal in Little Alchemy 1, you’re in luck! As an expert in the game, I’ve got some tips that will help you master animal combinations and quickly create this element.

Top Tips:

  1. Combine two basic elements – mud and life – to create a swamp element, which is a fundamental ingredient in making animals.
  2. Combine swamp with energy to create bacteria and then with time to create amphibians.
  3. Combine two amphibians to make a lizard or combine a lizard with a swamp to make a dragon.
  4. Mix a bird with any beast to create a flying creature, such as a bat or a pegasus.
  5. If you are struggling to create an animal, try combining other existing animals. For example, combining a bird with a dragon to create a phoenix.
  6. Don’t forget to experiment by combining different elements to see what new creations you can make.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to successfully create an animal in Little Alchemy 1 in no time. However, if you still face difficulties, don’t hesitate to use the hints and cheats in the game. Happy alchemizing!


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