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Hamptons Style Living Rooms



Hamptons-style living rooms combine coastal vibes with elegant design to create a welcoming yet stylish space that’s ideal for relaxing or hosting parties.

Nature-inspired design elements are at the core of Hamptons decor, including coastal accents like decorative seashells or lanterns with glass lenses on tables and shelves. Natural textures like linen or rattan also lend themselves well to this aesthetic.

White Walls

White walls are an essential feature in Hamptons-style living rooms, creating the illusion of spaciousness and elegance. Their color scheme often incorporates coastal-themed accents, like framed seashells or lanterns filled with sand for added coastal charm.

Beige walls are popularly found in Hamptons-style living rooms, providing warmth while remaining neutral. They can easily complement various decorative pieces like textile patterns and wood furniture pieces for a truly beautiful result.

Nautical influences are a popular choice among Hamptons-style homes, yet should be used sparingly to avoid creating an overt theme park aesthetic. Use subtle nautical touches like stripes, navy accents, and rope details for added style, or introduce texture through natural materials like cane, rattan, and sisal – adding blue and white ginger jars is also an easy way to incorporate this trend.

Coastal Accents

Hamptons-style living rooms often incorporate beach-inspired accents, from natural textures such as woven wicker or rattan furniture and jute carpeting, decorative seashells and oceanic themed artwork to plants – even an occasional live arrangement can add the feel of the coast!

Use these subtle elements with caution so as not to oversaturate your space with too many different styles; opt for an eclectic mixture that creates an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Wood furniture is an easy way to give any room an authentic Hamptons atmosphere. It adds warmth and provides a neutral foundation that complements most accent colors. Be sure to include some textural rugs for additional visual interest!

Natural Light

Hamptons-style living rooms feature light and airy environments that reflect natural lighting while providing privacy, thanks to strategically placed Toronto windows and doors replacement and installation. Large windows with sheer оr white curtains often frame these openings, allowing abundant natural light to fill the room while preserving privacy and seamlessly connecting the interior with exterior spaces.

Add wooden elements to your living space for an authentic Hamptons-style aesthetic. From woven rattan coffee tables to natural wood finishes оn armchair legs, incorporating natural materials creates a cohesive appearance in a Hamptons-inspired living room design. To find the perfect windows that complement your design, consider exploring options from

Blue furniture accents and decor are an easy way to complete the coastal Hamptons living room design. From subtle coastal prints оn pillows tо floral arrangements оn side tables, these additions bring elegance to any living space.

Textured Furniture

Hampton style often incorporates natural textures – from timber floors and jute rugs to leather sofas – into its interior design scheme, offering cozy warmth while adding an element of nature to each space. They often combine subdued hues that recall ocean and beach scenes for added effect.

When selecting upholstery fabrics to complete the Hamptons aesthetic, striped patterns and geometric prints work best. You could also incorporate elements like paisleys, florals, and brocade into the mix for an entirely unique take.

Adopting elements of Hamptons style into your living room is easy with the appropriate furniture and accessories. A window seat makes an excellent spot to read or surf the web while adding a window treatment that complements the rest of your decor and creates a cohesive look.

Accent Pieces

Coastal Hamptons style living rooms exude elegance, and are enhanced with natural textures such as light wood coffee tables that add warmth and contrast against crisp white palettes, or the relaxed sophistication of an Orient Bay cane armchair.

Blue accents add depth and dimension to natural materials like stone, wood, and ceramic tile. A simple hydrangea arrangement on a console or mantelpiece adds subtle hues of soft blue to any room.

Hamptons-style living rooms are known for their attention to detail. Their understated aesthetic allows you to add your personal touches without overwhelming the room. Select a few carefully chosen items that showcase your individual taste, making sure to include pieces with different sizes and shapes to achieve balance in size and form.


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