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6 Considerations to Choose When Designing a Log Cabin



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For many, building and designing a log cabin home is the dream. Many people even save up throughout their entire working lives so that they can retire to a beautifully built and maintained log cabin home. When building a custom log cabin, however, it’s key that you put plenty of time and attention toward the design process. While professional designers will help guide your hand, it’s up to you to add more customized and self-centered design aspects to the plan for your custom log cabin. To help guide you on this adventure, here are the top six considerations you should be aware of when designing a custom log cabin:

Building Materials

Before you begin building a log cabin, you’ll need to perfect its design. To do so, you’ll first need to start with materials. Finding the right type of wood, and additional building materials will define the larger aesthetic of your cabin. Additionally, the materials you choose will determine what structural choices you can make for the cabin’s design. While much of this will be over the heads of the general homeowner, a quality, experienced custom log cabin builder can help you determine the materials that are right for your needs (and budget). In some cases, you can even search for park model cabins for sale in your area to save yourself some time (and a building budget).


As you begin to perfect the design of your custom log cabin, you’ll need to start focusing on what’s most important to you in your day-to-day life. Whether we’re talking about your hobbies, lifestyle, or medical needs, these talking points will help you determine what type of fun and useful add-ons you can build into your cabin’s design.

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Hot tubs, mud rooms, smart home technology, accessibility ramps, and many other add-ons should be considered at this stage. Find as many add-ons as you can that will fit your budget, as they will not only benefit your day-to-day life but will pack tons of home equity value into your new custom log cabin home as well.

Energy Considerations

If you’re investing in a custom log cabin, you’re likely building it in (at least somewhat) a remote area. With this in mind, you’ll need to make sure you consider the energy needs and setups that will help run your cabin every day. In addition to investing in smart tech that will keep your appliance use as low as humanly possible, you can build the cabin to be naturally energy-efficient.

If you’re building your cabin out in the woods, installing solar panels on your roof, or nearby your cabin, is highly recommended. You’ll be saving tons of money yearly by doing so, while simultaneously helping to cut down on harmful carbon emissions that are putting our planet in peril.


Windows are a key design consideration for any home, no matter what its style might be. However, the window design you choose for a log cabin home becomes even more important. Building large, energy-efficient windows into the design of your log cabin is key for making it both beautiful-looking and energy-efficient year-round. Most cabins opt for windows wide and large enough to let the sunshine pour into the home all day long. If you have an open floor plan, you can even keep the cabin completely lit by natural light during the daytime. If you want to make your cabin beautiful on a budget, this is a great place to start.

Landscaping Needs

The exterior and direct area surrounding your log cabin must be heavily considered during the design process. Especially if you plan on gardening around your cabin, or making a beautiful outdoor setup, you need to consider how your cabin’s larger design will affect your efforts.

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Understanding the ins and outs of this particular design choice can be difficult, however, so consulting your custom log cabin builder about their thoughts on the matter is highly recommended. Doing so can ensure you’re able to create your dream log cabin exterior in the future!

Porch Layout

Having a large, spacious front porch is key if you want your log cabin to unlock its full design potential. After all, log cabin owners are known for spending countless hours lounging on their front porches. When you live that close to nature, you want an ideal, but safe and shade-filled space where you can enjoy your day-to-day life (and this is exactly what a perfectly designed front porch achieves). When you’re considering add-ons for your cabin’s design, be sure to think long and hard about what items and features to add to your porch.

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