What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Low Testosterone?



Are you curious about the best treatment for low testosterone? This is what you need to know about treating this common problem. Are you having more trouble than ever getting an erection? If so, you may have low testosterone. The good news is this is a problem that you can treat.

While many treatment options are available, not all of them are the same. The best treatments offer the most effective and efficient outcomes. As such, it’s essential to attend the Tulsa Mens Clinic and understand the different types of treatments for low testosterone so you can choose the best one for you. This article will explain the best treatment for low testosterone and help you choose the best one.

Diagnose Low Testosterone

The diagnosis of low testosterone starts with a thorough medical history and physical examination. It includes an assessment of symptoms of low testosterone, a discussion of risk factors, and blood tests to measure testosterone levels. If low testosterone is detected, the treatment options include lifestyle changes, such as exercising, quitting smoking, and eating a healthy diet.

Oral testosterone medications such as gels, patches, and injections may be prescribed, as well as topical creams and gels that contain testosterone. Testosterone boosters such as natural supplements and aromatase inhibitors have become more popular.

Testosterone Therapy for Low Levels

Testosterone therapy is one of the most effective treatments for low testosterone in men. This therapy helps improve signs of low testosterone, including changes in sex drive, low energy levels, decreased muscle mass, increased body fat, mood swings, depression, and tiredness.

Here’s a list of the different treatments available.

Skin Patch

This method of delivering the hormone is beneficial for those finding it difficult to self-administer a testosterone injection. The patch should be applied to clean, dry skin on the upper arm, upper chest, or buttocks, typically changing the location every day. The patch is left in place for 24 hours and then replaced.


Testosterone therapy gels are applied to areas such as the upper arms or shoulders, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps improve energy levels, libido, and mental clarity. When appropriately used, testosterone therapy gels can be invaluable to any man’s health regimen.

Oral Therapy

Oral testosterone is taken orally and works by increasing the testosterone level in the bloodstream. It is practical, easy to take, and convenient since you can take it home. Make sure to check online or this link for more information on testosterone replacement therapy. Oral therapy is taken once or twice daily and can help restore normal testosterone levels.


It involves a tiny pellet made of testosterone inserted under the skin. The bullet releases testosterone into the bloodstream with higher daily dosages. 

It’s higher than those found in other testosterone therapy treatments. Patients may also experience improved well-being, greater virility, and higher energy levels.


Testosterone injections are the only medically approved method to raise test levels to a normal range. The injections are administered every 2-4 weeks. Benefits to be experienced from TRT therapy injections can include increased energy, improved sex drive, and increased muscle mass.

Choose the Best Treatment for Low Testosterone Today

You can treat low testosterone with various options, and the best treatment will depend on the individual’s goals and health history. Speak with your doctor to find the best treatment for low testosterone for you.

If you or a loved one are suffering from low testosterone, don’t wait – take steps to address it and make a positive change in your life. If you find this article helpful, browse our blog for more interesting reads.



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