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Things to Know Before Using Self-Tanning



The act of getting a tan may do wonders for your self-esteem. It may smooth out wrinkles, make your skin radiant, and even reduce your time applying makeup. Spray tanning is convenient because you can get a tan without exposing your skin to dangerous UV rays, and you may do it any time of year.

Preparing your skin before applying a spray tan is the most effective approach to acquiring a uniform glow, and aftercare will prevent your tan from fading unevenly and patchily. Take notes on the best spray tan methods, the easy self tanning range, and everything else you need to know before your spray tan session.

Techniques for Preparing Your Skin for a Spray Tan

Proper maintenance will determine how long and evenly your spray tan will fade after achieving your desired bronzed look. Check out our advice below to ensure that you’re protected at every stage of the spray tan procedure.

Preparing for a Tan with a Shave, Exfoliator, and Moisturizer

Preparation is the key to beautiful tanned skin; few steps are involved. Shaving is the first and maybe the most crucial step. If you shave after applying a spray tan, the results will be uneven and short-lived. Head-to-toe exfoliation is another crucial step that might determine the success or failure of your spray tan.

Spray tanning is a quick and convenient way to look and feel great, but it does need some planning. Before getting a spray tan in the morning, only apply lotion to dry regions (elbows, feet, etc.), so the tan will adhere properly. Using body moisturizer before getting a spray tan can dilute the color and reduce the longevity of your tan.

Staying Hydrated is Essential for Healthy Skin

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Whether you receive your spray tan professionally or at home, keeping your skin hydrated with oil-free products can help it last as long as possible and maintain its beautiful glow. Self-tanner is easily destroyed by oil. Therefore it’s best to steer clear of both.

Pay Attention to Your Attire

Leave the pretty rings and ornamental bangles at home; they’ll only get in the way and cause unsightly tan lines. Wearing dark, loose-fitting clothes is recommended after getting a spray tan. It will protect your garments from rubbing against your new tan, which may cause streaks and uneven coloring if the tan hasn’t had enough time to dry.

Methods of Application

Wear gloves before applying self-tanner. If the manufacturer of your preferred product doesn’t provide gloves along with it, consider picking up a pair like these, which won’t break the bank and can be used over and over again.

Wearing gloves will protect your hands from the lotion and make application easier. Circular movements provide a uniform coating (not up and down strokes). Don’t use too much force, either. Instead of slathering on a bunch of products all at once, it’s better to start with a light hand and build it up as needed. It prevents your new skin tone from seeming uneven and keeps your bathroom clean.

Prepare Yourself for a Tan by Self-Tanning

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It’s almost time to dig out the self-tanning lotion since summer will be here before you know it! You do not need to be as concerned about as many parts of self-tanning since you now have much knowledge about it.

Take into account the knowledge provided for you here, and acquire it so that you have a more satisfying experience overall. Remember that the most efficient strategy involves prepping your skin for a spray tan before getting one.

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