Signs Your Baby Is Happy And Healthy



When you are scouring the internet for guidance, you may often encounter conflicting information and advice about how to care for your infant that leaves you feeling more confused than ever.

This could lead to unnecessary worrying about your baby’s health and happiness which is a worst-case scenario you most definitely want to avoid!

According to Lynn Karimi Author at, the sheer volume of available baby-related information can often be extremely overwhelming for parents or parents-to-be.

One of the most important things to remember is that no other baby will follow the exact growth and development plan as yours.

In layman’s terms, all babies are different in terms of the habits that they develop, which can often make measuring their health and happiness quite difficult.

Here are some of the most common signs to show that your baby is both happy and healthy.

Baby Can Hold Themselves Well

Your baby will grow each passing month and year to reach specific developmental milestones. For example, if your little one can successfully hold their neck by the end of the third month, it means that the necessary muscles are growing just fine and are meeting the relevant stages.

Remember that not all babies grow at the same rate, so you may find that these stages occur a couple of weeks later, but it is nothing to worry about.

Your Baby Is Content In Your Arms

Bonding with your baby doesn’t only strengthen your relationship but also helps to encourage emotional and social growth. A key way of telling whether or not your baby is happy is if they are content to remain in your arms. If they soothe down quickly, then it’s an immediate indication that they are comforted by your presence.

Frequent Diaper Changes

If your baby’s digestive system is functioning properly, your little one will automatically feel much happier! In addition, regular diaper changes mean that your baby is being provided with all of the necessary nutrients to ensure proper growth and development. As a result, frequent diaper changes are a key sign that shows your baby is both healthy and happy.

You’ve Settled Into A Routine

The first month with your baby can feel like a never-ending blur of late-night feedings, diaper changes, and sleepless nights. Yet as you and your baby become familiar with one another, you will naturally fall into a great routine.

The development and maintenance of such a routine is a surefire sign that your baby is happy and healthy.

By the fourth month, your baby should have developed a consistent sleeping and eating schedule. This time frame might be disrupted by teething or other developmental stages but should generally be the point where you experience more consistent days. You can then enjoy this rest time with your baby.

Consistent Weight Gain

Another top sign that your baby is healthy and happy revolves around the rate at which weight gain is occurring.

When your baby is around five months old, you should expect to find that they have almost doubled its birth weight. At the year mark, you can anticipate that your baby will have tripled this figure.

Again, these are just guidelines. By keeping up with doctor’s appointments, you can make sure that your baby is gaining weight at a healthy weight and receiving the necessary nutrients to grow.

Baby Likes Talking To You

Your baby will begin to respond to the things you do or say when they reach around the four-month stage.  According to the best stroller designers, this will happen especially when you are spending time with your baby walking in a stroller, changing diapers or playing with your baby in your bed. They will begin to communicate with you via a gurgling, babbling, or cooing sound. Your role is to reply in a similar way which will quickly increase happiness. It will also help to further your connection with one another.

Your Baby Enjoys Smiling

Smiling is one of the most obvious signs that your little one is happy and healthy. When you’re around your little one and speaking directly to them, they’ll often feel happy and will give you a smile in return.

Newborn infants will usually smile when they have passed gas or when they are sleeping. Older babies (around a couple of months old) will begin to develop an awareness of their surroundings and will start to respond to tickles and funny sights and sounds with a smile.


These are some of the top signs that your baby is happy and healthy. We understand that caring for a baby can be a stressful experience, but by looking out for these key things, you are guaranteeing their health and happiness.


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