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Medical Tourism: Benefits Of Traveling To Mexico For Alternative Care



You visit the doctor and hear the worst news imaginable. You’ve been diagnosed with a severe condition that could change your quality of life. If it’s advanced enough, it could even result in your death. Your doctor recommends lifestyle changes and treatment options to improve your chances of recovery and survival. However, as you weigh the pros and cons of each recommendation (and maybe even try a few), none of them provide the relief you need.

Medical Tourism: What Is It And Reasons To Consider It

That’s where medical tourism comes into play. It’s when someone travels abroad to receive treatment for a health condition. Why would a patient go to another country for medical care? Below are a few common reasons.

Accessibility – If a medical procedure or treatment option isn’t available in your native country, you might be willing to travel internationally to receive care.

Affordability – Unfortunately, most medical solutions in the US are expensive. Whether a patient has insurance or not, it could cost them thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to receive treatment. Therefore, traveling to a destination where the treatment is more affordable is ideal.

Procedure Severity And Risks – Sometimes, the healthcare solutions offered in your country are invasive or have severe risks that could further complicate your well-being. If that’s the case, you’ll want to travel to a destination with alternative options that don’t cause more harm to your health and wellness.

Familiarity – Many patients prefer to be treated by healthcare professionals that identify with their culture and lifestyle. It enhances their confidence that the medical expert has their best interests at heart and adds to their comfort.

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Mexico Could Be Your Answer

The will to live and sustain your health can encourage you to look into alternative solutions, including those offered by medically-advanced regions like Mexico. Although the media often focuses on the region’s cosmetic and elective surgeries, you can also find assistance like prostate cancer treatment in Mexico. The country is well known for its less invasive, natural, and affordable treatment options for aggressive conditions ranging from autoimmune diseases to various forms of cancer.

Reasons Mexico Is An Ideal Destination

Traveling to Mexico for medical care is becoming an increasingly popular choice for US and Canadian citizens. Below is a look at why.

  • Location – Traveling puts a lot of stress on your body. It also increases your risk of exposure to life-threatening illnesses, injuries, or complications from your procedure. However, Mexico is only a hop, skip, and jump away with an average flight time of 2-6 hours. Patients can travel safely to and from while reducing travel risks and harm to their well-being.
  • Accreditation – Mexico is quickly becoming the medical tourism capital of the world. The country’s healthcare facilities and infrastructures have been modernized to accommodate patients worldwide. Many of Mexico’s facilities have been accredited by the Joint Commission International, which means their medical practices are stamped and approved internationally.
  • Qualified Experts – You can’t just decide to become a doctor in Mexico and land a job at a nearby hospital or clinic. All medical professionals must go through at least 4-5 years of medical school. They must also complete in-field training hours and receive their license from an accredited medical establishment. Many medical experts in Mexico get their education in the US or UK to provide a more well-rounded understanding of how to treat their patients most effectively.
  • Affordable – Lastly, receiving alternative treatment in Mexico is much cheaper than in other countries. Patients can save more than 50% on their medical expenses. Financial strain exacerbates adverse health conditions, so saving money on life-saving treatments is a significant plus.
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When life hits you with an unexpected diagnosis, you push through to do what you can to survive. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t always straightforward. The alternative care you need may be unavailable, too expensive, or overly invasive in your country, requiring you to look elsewhere for the answer. Although patients are encouraged to do their due diligence before considering medical tourism, traveling to Mexico for cancer care (or other adverse conditions) could give you the relief you need to live a long and happy life.

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