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How To Tell It Is Time For You To Get On That Yoga Mat ASAP



So you know yoga is good for you! But you just couldn’t get yourself on that yoga mat yet. Have you been procrastinating taking on yoga because life keeps getting in the way?

We all have been there. Life always gets in the way of things we know we should be doing to stay healthy, fit, and vibrant. Yet, some of us get out of the rut and get on that mat!

To get your motivational juices flowing, here are signs of how you can tell it is time for you to get on that yoga mat asap!

1.  You Are No Longer On The Driving Seat of Your Life 

You have been able to manage most aspects of your life, but now it seems it’s slipping out of your control. Are you overreacting to everyday happenings? Are you feeling less in control?

If this is the case, then that is a sign that you desperately need some yoga in your life.

Yoga will help you push the pause button, take a deep breath, and center your mind.  

Your emotions will be in control, and you will be in control of your life again once you hit that yoga mat.

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2.  You Are Lacking That Joi De Vivre 

Are you finding yourself feeling a little dull in ambition? Are you not enjoying life as it is today? Have you lost that feeling of joy?

Don’t blame yourself for any of that. We have had a rough couple of years in general.

But, if you feel that you are lacking that joy de Vivre, it is time to hit the yoga mat!

Yoga will bring a sense of joy and zen to your life. The physical and mental exercise involved will bring happiness to your life.

For more on what yoga can do, check out: https://yogic-experience.com/.

3.  Everything Hurts 

If you have been working a desk job and you don’t move much during the day, your body hates it. It also works on a loop to reduce your motivation to work out or be active.

Human bodies were meant to move and stretch and get physical exercise.

If you are hurting everywhere and you are otherwise healthy, then it is a sign you need to get on that yoga mat.

Yoga will stretch your muscles and joints and will make you more nimble. Watch yourself spring out of the rusty feeling in no time! You will become more physically active by doing a few minutes of yoga daily, and your body will thank you for it.

4. You Are Feeling Weak These Days

Have you felt yourself get weaker over the years? Maybe you cant take those steps as much, or lifting a few extra pounds of garden mulch seems more challenging? Maybe your sedentary lifestyle is catching up with your age.

This is a sign your body is losing muscle strength and that you need to get on that yoga mat asap!

Regular yoga will strengthen your muscles. This then helps your muscle cells multiply and get stronger. Trying out those difficult positions will stretch your muscle fibers and even cause micro-tears and trauma to the cells.

You will feel an instant boost in strength and energy levels by incorporating yoga into your life.

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5.  You Need A Hard Reset

Every now and then, there comes a time in our lives when we need a hard reset. Maybe you are stuck in a rut, doing the same routine every day. There is nothing wrong with a predictable life – it gives us incredible security and safety in knowing exactly how our day will shape when we wake up the next day.

However, that can also lead to a feeling of being stuck in a never-ending loop of a hamster wheel of life.  

Even what seemed exciting in the past (like that boot camp in the gym every Wednesday and Friday) may seem dull.

 Аnd if you are feeling like that and haven’t tried yoga yet, it is a sign you need to hit the yoga mat asap.

Yoga is an exercise where you connect with your inner self. It is an exercise in spirituality and physicality.  

Try out a hot yoga sesh and see how your life changes – it releases endorphins that will give you that hard reset you need.

6.  You Are Being Extra Emotional Lately

Are you extra cranky these days? Maybe you have yelled at someone lately over the most minor thing? Maybe having emotional outbursts for no reason?

These are signs you need to reconnect with your inner self and work on your breathwork. In other words, it is time to hit the yoga mat.

Yoga will teach you how to focus on your inner peace. Yoga involves breathwork. Breathwork is essential in activating your parasympathetic nervous system. So, it will be easier to let the emotion pass without needing an outburst.


If you have come to this point of the article, that is probably a sign that you need to hit the yoga mat. Listen to your inner voice and your gut feeling – it is generally correct.  

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to bring peace, joy, and vitality to one’s life. It is also an incredibly cheap way to get in shape and get physically active.

The best part is it can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels. So, say namaste, and stay on the mat!

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