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How To Choose The Right Psychologist In Calgary?



When choosing a psychologist, looking for someone with the necessary training and credentials is essential. However, psychologists are just some of the professionals in Alberta who provide mental health services. Clinical social workers, psychologists, and counselors are the three main types of trained mental health professionals, and all three are held to high standards to ensure their proficiency.

R.Psych, which stands for Registered Provisional Psychologist, is another moniker for psychologists. A fully registered psychologist will now possess 1600 hours of supervision practice and complete two license exams. A fully licensed psychologist supervises a registered provisional psychologist still pursuing full licensure with a minimum of five years of work experience in psychology.

If you seek counseling, it’s critical to be sure the counselor you choose is registered with a licensing organization, such as Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Canadian Certified Counselor is the title that the CCPA grants (C.C.C.). The CCPA is a government accreditation organization, and maintaining your registration information is subject to yearly regulations.

Alberta still has no recognized college that governs counselors as of 2021. Therefore many of those who are now in practice do not have the necessary licenses. Because the Clinical Designation necessitates additional training and supervision specialized in providing mental health counseling services, a Registered Clinical Social Worker differs from a Social Worker with a license.

Why Do You Want a Psychologist?

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It is easier for psychologists to comprehend why individuals feel, think, or behave the way they do because of their considerable training & experience in general science, cognitive science, and neurobiology. Unlike licensed counselors or professional social workers, psychologists are trained to identify particular mental health issues. They also have a thorough awareness of the physiological components of your psychological health, including knowledge of frequently given medications. To develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your unique presenting difficulties, psychologists are in an excellent position to work with your doctor.

Additional Crucial Points

Make careful to select a mental health practitioner that you click with because this is an essential consideration while making your choice. Whether you continue this course of treatment depends on your relationship with your doctor. The therapeutic relationship is reportedly one of the factors that impact the effectiveness of change. We strongly suggest making a no-obligation session to determine whether a psychologist is a suitable choice for you. Asking inquiries about the psychologist’s work pattern, beliefs, and cultural awareness throughout the session will provide you with an understanding of their personality.

What Problems Can a Psychologist Solve?

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Relationship problems, life changes, challenging feelings or thoughts, substance misuse, general stress or worry, depression, sleeplessness, and disorders of mental health associated with pain are just a few causes for why someone could seek a psychologist’s assistance. You can consult a psychologist for various reasons, whether long-term, like severe depression, or recent, like a recent split. You may have gone through adversity in the past or just undergone a traumatic event. In either case, you can get help utilizing various psychological techniques founded on scientific facts. Clinical psychologists can offer group sessions, individual counseling, relationship counseling, family counseling, consulting, formal or informal evaluations, seminars, single, couple, or family therapy, and much more.

Psychological consultation is not necessary if you are not experiencing a crisis. You can get help from psychologists with self-development, increasing efficiency in your job, education, or other aspects of your life, discovering more about yourselves and others, and finding someone with expertise in the particular area where you need assistance. The psychologist needs to know in that field for you to receive the proper care. Validating their registration information is crucial since they must be proficient in their specialty to provide successful, high-quality treatment. Your situations, individual goals, unique qualities, and beliefs must all be taken into account by the psychologist, who must also invest the necessary time in getting to know you well.

Shift Grit, the Psychologist in Calgary, can assist you if you need psychological assistance. We specialize in identifying the underlying factors causing your mental health difficulties. Various factors, such as biological, psychological, interpersonal, behavioral, familial, systemic, and cultural influences, affect one’s mental health. We’ll assist you in comprehending some of the elements that have contributed to your present psychological state.

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