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How To Choose Bongs For Sale



Are you a newbie to the bong community and looking for some tips and tricks from the experts? Knowing how to choose bongs is more of a science than an art, but with so many bongs for sale available, where should you even start? There are some things to be on the lookout for when shopping for bongs for sale, so get your pen and paper to jot down some helpful notes that will help you secure your next big bong purchase.

With hundreds of bongs for sale to navigate through, you will want to streamline the process and get straight to the top contenders so you can buy the best bongs for sale that fit you’re aesthetic the most.

Size matters

When it comes to choosing from your favorite bongs for sale, does size really matter? The answer is YES; it does! The reason size matters are because this is the easiest way to weed out the potentials from the absolutely not’s. Some bongs for sale are mini bongs that users like for their compact and portability, but other uses prefer huge bongs that will leave them couch-locked for the rest of the evening.

When it comes to size, anything under 7 inches is considered a mini bong, and anything over 16 inches is considered to be part of the huge bongs for sale. However, do not think that a small bong cannot function as strongly as the bigger one because that is far from the truth. Even mini bongs can have excellent percolation, which filters each hit to be the best it can be when it hits your mouth for inhalation.

Percs or No Percs?

Percolators, or percs, are features within bongs that provide extra filtration to deliver a smooth and extremely powerful hit. Percolators are perfect for those that want all the smoke and none of the bad stuff that accompanies it, like the resin or debris that shows up in a bong after a few uses. Percolators come in different shapes and sizes, and there are many different types of percolators available that will turn any non-believer after just one bong hit.

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Percolators can be found in mini bongs, huge bongs, beaker bongs, and so on. Percs are one of the easiest ways to upgrade bongs for sale and are definitely a feature to consider when you are online shopping for bongs for sale and looking for your next purchase.

Bong Materials

It is important to know what type of bong material you are willing to smoke out of, and this can make a huge difference in the quality of a smoke sesh and is definitely not something to push to the side when looking for a new bong. The type of bongs for sale are typically made of glass, silicone, ceramic, etc., and there are lots of options to go for if you have a specific preference.

If you do not know your preference yet as a beginner bong user, glass bongs for sale are usually your best bet in terms of high quality and longevity since glass bongs are one of the more popular choices in bong material. Are you a clumsy stoner and need some cushion?

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Silicone bongs for sale are best for those that cannot seem to stop dropping their bongs or for anyone that is needing an extremely budget-friendly bong that will still hit hard. Silicone bongs are often made of medical-grade silicone and are popular for those that want a non-stick mess with an easy clean-up.

Bong Style

Speaking of clumsy, there are styles of bongs for sale that are better than other styles when considering safety and avoiding any breakage. Try out some beaker bongs and see how sturdy its base can be beneficial to each of your smoke sessions, no matter how high you float into the clouds. There are TONS of different bong styles that we do not even have time to mention. Still, every reputable site that has bongs for sale will have these builds split up into categories making it extremely easy for you to browse around and take a better look at what is available.

Buy Bongs for Sale at EF420

With an unruly amount of bongs for sale online, how the heck are you supposed to trust a website and know which is best for you? EF420 has so many bongs for sale that will not only blow your mind but reading reviews by our trusting, and satisfied customers will have you going from skeptical to checking out your cart of new bongs real quick. Buying bongs for sale can be an addictive habit, but if you use every single one, it will be worth it, right? We hope you decide to pull the trigger on the bong you have been eyeing for a while, and until then, take the above factors into consideration, and soon enough, you will find a bong that is a match made in stoner heaven.

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