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Gambling and Mental Health




The Effects of Gambling on Human Life

Many people around the world have a habit of making their gambling accountable for all the bad things that happen. Everyone is used to thinking only about the bad consequences that are so often flashed on the computer screen on the internet. All social circles often try to warn people against gambling, but nobody thinks about the fact that the percentage of people addicted to games is really small. It may vary according to a person’s mental state, culture, age, and character. An average figure of people who are exposed to addiction has been found. In general, it is 1-5 percent of all players. Worth thinking about how many countries in the world ban gambling, and its lack of advertising is justified.

Yes, it can lead to addiction, but there are also many positive factors that people are used to ignoring. In the next section, the effects of gambling on mental health will be discussed.

Reducing Crime

For several years, scientists around the world have been trying to figure out the relationship between gambling and crime reduction. As a rule, gamblers do not commit any crimes.

Typically, crimes are caused by an accumulation of aggression and unresolved emotions. This is the underlying cause of this phenomenon. During the gambling process, people are constantly getting adrenaline and dopamine, which helps to reduce stress and helps to relax.

Reducing the Risk of Depression

In order to understand the mechanism of this action, it is worth taking a closer look at how our brain works.

Mechanism of Action

The brain works by dividing into two important structures. The first is the hippocampus. Its main function is continuous learning and memorization of certain actions.

The term ” Learning in gambling is commonly understood as any mechanical actions such as spinning the reel, card layout and thinking through a strategy of the game.


The second important structure is the ventral area. It is responsible for dopamine production at the time of the game. By the way, it is considered that dopamine is generated not only by positive emotions but also by negative ones, i.e., when a person loses.

These two structural areas of the brain are working in the same direction. When the hippocampus helps a gambler do something successfully, the ventral area produces more dopamine. This gives the person a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

Avoiding Depression

It is important to familiarise yourself with the concept of depression. Depression is a mental illness that manifests itself in depressed moods and a decreased or no longer enjoyable feeling of well-being. A person who has been diagnosed with depression can stop working and participating in social life for months or years. This is because they have no incentive to do so.

One of the clinical signs of depression is that the hippocampus and ventral area are not functioning properly. Doctors try to treat this illness with medication. But in most cases, this does not lead to a positive result.

Therefore stimulation of the hippocampus and ventral area by means of gambling may have a positive effect as the effects are involuntary, so-called cognitive therapy.

Research on the Treatment of Depression

There has been a study done. It involved people between the ages of 60 and 89. Many might think that this age is not appropriate for gambling, but it is. For four weeks, they played 30 hours a week. During this time, they got the kind of dopamine burst they could have gotten from 3 months of antidepressants.

The brain is used to avoid problems subconsciously. So when people go through a bad period in life, they try to forget it and spend more and more time at the game.

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