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Easiest Ways To Get Away With Skin Warts



Everybody wants flawless skin and youthful lips that we can get with the plasma pen lip flip, but sometimes due to our bad lifestyle choices, we get some skin issues. Whether it is the issue of hyperpigmentation or wrinkles due to aging, everybody has different skin problems. One of the not-so-rare skin problems is skin tags and warts, which does not look attractive at all. Those bumps on the skin look ugly, and we want to get rid of them ASAP. They are harmless, so there is no need to worry about them. They grow on the outermost layer of the skin, which is the epidermis. The bump has a dark spot on it due to the capillaries supplying blood to the wart. 

Types of warts

There are several types of warts on the skin. They are often developed on the hands and feet. They can form either singly or in clusters. 

  • Verrucas

These warts are more ap on the soles of the feet. They appear on the bottom of the feet due to some kind of infection. They are shaped in a certain way like small bumps with dark tips. These warts can be painful as the person’s weight can put pressure on them. 

  • Mosaic wart

These warts are formed in clusters on hands and feet. Developed in groups of plantar warts, these warts are caused due to an untreated wart which is why there is more and more development in the circumference of the foot. 

  • Seed warts

They are mostly developed at the back of fingers and toes and maybe dark in colour. They are mostly developed due to blocked blood vessels. They are not contagious and may disappear over time. 


Even though warts and tags are usually non-contagious, some serious forms can be spread to another person due to close contact. Try not to touch contaminated surfaces with any doubt of bacteria on them. Keep your skin dry as damp skin is likely to invite skin problems like warts. Keep your hands and feet moisturized using a mild moisturizer. Sanitize your hands and feet before and after eating out in a restaurant. 


You can ask a pharmacist for a quick over-the-counter medicine or lubricant to apply on warts. You can get rx coupons for prescriptions at an online Canadian pharmacy called 90daymeds. If your wart is changing colour, bleeding, or spreading in clusters, then go visit your GP. He will be able to identify the type of wart and may suggest treatment upon close inspection. Some warts may disappear in months, while some go away in at least two years. Some common methods to treat warts are:

  • Salicylic acid

Your dermatologist may prescribe creams and lotions based on salicylic acid. These creams lubricate the wart and, after some regular application on the skin, may go away with time. 

  • Chemical treatments

If the warts are slowly spreading in clusters, then your doctor may prescribe chemical peeling or derma planning, which all come under chemical treatments. Sometimes, laser therapy is done to kill the cells in the affected area. 

  • Cryotherapy

It means that the cells on the skin are frozen to prevent spreading to surrounding areas. 

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