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Choosing Proper Men’s Underwear for Good Health



Underwear has been referred to as foundation garments for decades. They are the foundation of a well-fitting and healthy outfit. Anything that will be right up against your skin for hours at a time is important to consider as part of your skin’s health. If you have ever walked around in wet socks, you know exactly how much impact the wrong fabrics, in the wrong condition, can have on your skin. Discomfort, chafing, blisters, and even infections are possible. That goes for underwear too.

The big-ticket factors in choosing underwear that will improve your quality of life and health are all about fit and function. If your underwear drawer needs an update, read about how to make the right choice and then take advantage of all the Black Friday underwear deals available this season.


Let’s get right to the down and dirty. The ugly truth about underwear is that it gets dirty pretty quickly. You need underwear that will keep you clean and dry. Bacteria and fungi, like the kind that causes jock itch, thrive in moist, warm places. Regardless of whether you are freshly showered, bacteria will inevitably build up throughout the day. The best preventative to having unpleasant microbial visitors are undergarments that keep dampness and heat from building up.

The other downside of dampness is that when fabric holds wetness, it increases rubbing and chafing on your skin. The moisture increases the fabric’s friction and also makes your skin wet and more susceptible to damage.

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Cotton allows air to flow in and out, but also holds onto humidity and the germs that come with it. Spandex is flexible but does not breathe. Look for underwear with fabric that breathes and wicks moisture away from the skin.


Doctors recommend that men wear underwear that provides good testicular support. It prevents the pain caused by unwanted movement. It also has the benefit of preventing very unfortunate instances of accidentally sitting down in a way that really hurts. Look for underwear cut to conform to the curves of your body.


You need underwear that breathes and washes well. If it breathes, you will have fewer issues with the buildup of bacteria and fecal material that causes odors. If it washes well, you can put on a fresh pair every day, knowing you are clean and covered. Look for good quality fabric that washes well.


The jury is still out among scientists as to whether an increased temperature in the scrotal area decreases sperm count. There is also some thought among those studying male fertility that underwear tightness may be a factor. Even though scientists are not sure of the reason, the science is clear that overly tight underwear decreases men’s fertility. So, while support is key, underwear should also fit loosely enough to allow some freedom of movement. Constriction is to be avoided.


Feeling good about your appearance starts from the inside out. Wearing well-made, well-fitting, well-styled articles of clothes are a major confidence booster, even if they aren’t visible to the public. If you find yourself in a position for someone else to admire you in your underwear, by wearing nice underwear, you’ll be happy to know that your style will remain intact down to the last layer.

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Plus, the science is definitive that being in a mutually loving relationship is a serious benefit for your health. You increase your odds of attracting and keeping a mate who makes you happy by taking care of your appearance. So, take the small, extra step to make sure you have the right underwear to help you feel good, smell good, and look good.


Anyone who has ever been stuck wearing the wrong size or style of shoes knows firsthand that uncomfortable clothes can ruin your mood, your concentration, and your whole day. There are some serious underwear pitfalls to avoid. Underwear that traps heat will make you hot, itchy, and chafed. That’s a recipe for disaster and discomfort.

Underwear that rides up or pinches can be annoying, but can also lead to brush burns, skin swelling and irritation, and even blisters. Look for underwear that is designed to stay in place while moving with your body. Those two features might sound like opposites, but the new fabric technology in the underwear world is amazing and can offer both. Don’t settle for less.

The golden rule of underwear is that comfort doesn’t lie. If it feels good, it’s probably good for you. Invest in good underwear and feel the difference.

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