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7 Post Workout Essentials Every Woman Needs



For many people, regular physical exercise is part of their other healthy lifestyle habits. But, no matter how seasoned of an athlete you are, post-workout can be a literal pain. You may have all your gym bag essentials covered, like the right trainers, breathable workout clothing, and reusable water bottles, but what you do post-workout can make all the difference in making sure you’re ready to break a sweat again tomorrow. If you’re looking for some core items to help you recover post-workout, keep reading for all the essentials every woman needs.


First on the list is something everyone enjoys, one of the greatest joys of life, food! While you may have your pre-workout tips down, taking in a healthy snack is step one to your post-workout recovery. Opting for healthy snacks is a given, so include items that include carbohydrates and protein like yogurt, cheese, lean meats, and nuts. Protein aids in muscle recovery and building, while carbs help replenish your energy.

Cleansing Gels

While something is to be said for that post-workout glow your skin takes on, exercise can also negatively impact your skin. Even if you’re diligent about removing your makeup before you exercise, pores can easily clog with sweat and bacteria accumulated in the gym. If you don’t feel like hitting the shower or sink at the gym to wash your face, include some facial cleansing wipes in your bag.

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Recovery Shoes

While the right pair of supportive and shock-absorbing trainers are a given in any gym bag, it’s worth investing in a pair of recovery shoes too. Recovery shoes are comfortable and support slides or sandals that can be a game-changer post-workout. They are less constrictive than sneakers, and most people’s feet swell during a workout. In addition to helping with swelling, they help your feet cool down and breathe after a big sweat.

Dry Shampoo

Sometimes we hit the gym on our lunch break or before we have to pick up the kids from school. Don’t step out with greasy hair if you need to look pulled together for a work meeting or a playdate. If you’re like most people, letting your hair air dry isn’t an option. Opt for a dry shampoo that can banish grease and get your locks back in shape. Make sure you’ve got a comb handy to work through any visible residue your dry shampoo may leave behind.

Body Balms

Many people are used to using lemon balm for anxiety and trouble sleeping, but it can also come in handy post-workout. Lemon balms can help alleviate any muscle soreness after your workout by reducing inflammation and ensuring you stay comfortable for the rest of your day. If you’re not a fan of lemon balms, Magnesium oils and lotions are other great options. Why wait for the muscle soreness to start? Stay ahead of the pain with a quality body balm.

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Cool Down Essentials

Unless you plan on hitting the gym’s shower in the locker room, cooling down isn’t as easy for some people post-workout. Of course, you cool down after working out through low-intensity exercises and some stretching – an important step to avoid soreness – but cool down with a water bottle full of iced water and a gym towel to remove excess sweat.

Taking Notes

Maybe you’re old school and want to log your progress in a notebook with a pen or pencil; perhaps you’d rather dictate your notes straight into your iPhone. Either way, it’s essential to track your work in some type of log. If you’re a newbie to working out, you may feel like skipping this step, but you shouldn’t! Not only can you look back on how far you’ve come one day, but it’s also easier not to skip leg day when you can easily reference what you have and haven’t worked on recently.

Working out gives us a much-needed release of chemicals that helps not just improve our physical health but our emotional state as well. If you’re already taking proactive steps to be the most overall healthy version of yourself, invest in the items to make your workouts even easier – you deserve it!

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