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6 Steps to Achieve Healthy Hair This Winter




For many of us, the winter months mean stepping up our game regarding our health. Cold weather means a more sedentary lifestyle at home, so we hit the gym more often. We’re well aware of how harsh, cold weather can dry and chafe our skin, so we moisturize more and add products to our skincare routines to keep a glowing complexion during the winter. One area that goes neglected for some, however, is their hair. The same way you’d switch up other routines for winter, you want to do the same for your hair. Unless you’re a hair stylist or beauty guru, you may be looking for some guidance to keep your tresses looking beautiful this winter, so keep reading for everything you’ll need.

Watch the Water Temperature

When it’s cold outside, sometimes nothing sounds better than a nice, hot shower. But when it comes to washing your hair in the winter months, you’ll want to lower the water temperature while you’re washing your hair. Hot water is one of the quickest ways to zap the moisture out of your hair, and cold weather hair needs all the hydration it can get. Opt for a bath instead and shower with lukewarm water while washing your hair if you want to warm up.

Hydrating Shampoos and Conditioners

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If you can go a few days or even a week between washing your hair, it’s the best for hair health, but when you do wash in winter, you want moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners. Even if you’re using products for kinky curly hair, colored hair, or fine hair, moisturizing versions of these products are a must in cold weather. Including a deeply hydrating hair mask weekly will also do wonders for keeping your hair lustrously hydrated.

Hair Bonding Treatments

On top of doing weekly hair masks, investing in a high-quality hair bonding treatment can be a game changer regarding hair health. While these treatments have year-round benefits, they’re essential when harsh weather. A hair bonder treatment can repair past damage and make hair more resistant to future damage. They’re also fantastic for making your hair stronger. Hair bonding treatments need about ten minutes to set before styling, so cozy up in a robe and blanket with a good book while your hair is restored from the winter weather.

Wear a Hat

While products are essential to keeping your hair healthy in cold weather, so are the right accessories in your wardrobe. Whether you opt for a classic beanie style or something more elevated, wearing a hat during the winter keeps you warm and your hair beautiful. You’re shielding your hair from the dry air, which dries it out, leaving it frizzy and prone to breakage. If you don’t already have a cute winter hat, this is your sign that you need one! Keep cozy and stylish with our custom beanies. Crafted with care, our beanies are the perfect blend of warmth and fashion. Whether you prefer classic colors or bold patterns, 4inbandana have got  beanies for every taste. Don’t let the cold weather cramp your style – stay snug and chic in one of our personalized beanies!

Use a Hair Oil

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If you are prone to greasy hair, this tip can be skipped, but if you have thick, wavy or curly hair, it’s a must. Using a hair oil can help replenish naturally occurring oils that keep our hair moisturized and shiny. Some people develop frizz during the harsh winter weather, and a good oil can also combat that. Hair oils are not all created equal, so visit a salon or beauty supply store and invest in an oil that won’t leave your mane looking greasy. A little goes a long way with the right oil so that the investment will last you through the entire winter season. You can ask your friendly barber from Dino’s Barbershop how you can style your hair during winter.

Sleep With a Humidifier

Many people opt to sleep with a humidifier during the colder months, but if you aren’t yet and need a reason to buy one, your hair’s health is the perfect reason! As outlined many times above, cold winter weather robs our hair of moisture, so creating a more humid environment helps your hair’s appearance and health while sleeping. Your indoor heating dries out the air in your home, and a humidifier will help combat that and help you breathe easier. Get sweet dreams and gorgeous hair without lifting a finger.

Taking care of your hair during the winter months may require extra steps than the summer months, but with some practice and persistence, they’ll become second nature. The payoff? Beautiful hair at holiday parties and in every family photo. You may not need all the items on the list, but adding one or two can make a difference. Happy Winter!

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