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5 Ways to Incorporate SPF into Your Spring & Summer Makeup



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If you’re like many people, with spring here and summer right around the corner, your schedule is packed daily with events and activities. With that comes wanting to look your best, and going makeup free during the summer isn’t an option with all the meetings, greetings, and selfie-snapping. While it’s important to wear SPF face spray year-round when you’re running to and from events and vacations or just enjoying warm weather, the last thing on your mind should be how to protect your skin from the UV rays you’re exposed to. Thankfully, several makeup products on the market make protecting your delicate facial skin a breeze since they’ve included SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in their formulation.

It’s important to remember that you want to use a stand-alone SPF designed for your body and a facial-specific SPF for your complexion. On days when you forego makeup, an SPF of at least 50 is preferable, but in the name of saving your beautiful makeup application, keep reading for the best ways to incorporate SPF into your spring and summer glam.

Tinted Moisturizers

With the no-makeup makeup look dominating the beauty industry, many people are foregoing full-face foundations in favor of CC creams or tinted moisturizers. If you’re on team tinted moisturizer, it’s easy to find a formula that contains SPF; make sure you’re sourcing one with a minimum of 30 SPF (sun protection factor).

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Tinted moisturizers are great for sweltering summer days as they’re easy to apply without looking too cakey and don’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

SPF Concealers

While concealers can be used anywhere on your face where you want to hide blemishes, their most popular use is in the delicate under eye area to brighten up dark circles and help decrease puffiness. There are concealers on the market that boast SPF levels of 35 and higher which is fantastic as the skin underneath your eyes is the most fragile on your face, so not only are you incorporating SPF into your makeup, you’re preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming in the crow’s feet area. This doesn’t mean ditching your oversized designer shades, though! Protect the skin around your peepers at all costs!

SPF Serums

Serums have been on the beauty scene for a while, but these days everyone from tweens to seniors understands how important they are in your skincare regimen and your makeup routine. An illuminating serum that contains SPF can be used underneath a tinted moisturizer or as the only form of hydration during spring and summer. Serums work double duty in that they give you a gorgeous complexion and renew and heal your skin on a cellular level. Look for an illuminating serum containing SPF and antioxidants to nourish your skin and fight signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin concerns.

Mineral Powders

Are you prone to oily skin? Do you find yourself looking greasy when the weather is warmer outside? A great way to keep your makeup in place and reapply sunscreen is incorporating a mineral powder containing SPF into your beauty routine. While not all mineral powders contain this important ingredient, several on the market do.

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Since there’s a good chance you’ll be applying this several times a day, it’s worth consulting with an esthetician or your dermatologist to see if they have recommendations on which one you should use.

Setting Spray

Not only is setting spray used to seal the deal on your perfect spring or summer beat, but it’s also a critical step in many parts of people’s makeup routines between layers of skincare and makeup products. Finding a setting spray that contains SPF is easy, from drug stores to prestige brands, and it can be an easy way to incorporate SPF into your warm-weather makeup. You can also apply the setting spray throughout the day as the above-mentioned mineral powder to reap sun protection and keep your makeup in place.

You don’t have to sacrifice your love makeup during the summer to protect your skin. While stand-alone SPF is important, and some choose to use it before their facial moisturizers and typical makeup routine, if you want convenience or added layers of sun protection, the above makeup products make an excellent addition to your summer routine. Now, get glowing!

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