Ultimate Famas Skins in CS2



Skins in CS2 are a unique way to change the appearance of weapons in the game and show off your personality among other players. In CS2, skins have different designs – from minimalistic and discreet to designs with a full-fledged story, described in different colors. This article is dedicated to the best skins for Famas, which will definitely decorate your weapon.

FAMAS | Valence

CS players probably know a lot about this skin since it appeared in the game in 2016. The skin has a nice design and a budget price, combining minimalism with bright elements of futurism. The main part of the weapon is covered with matte black paint. The design is complemented by lines and shapes in red and orange. With a strong level of wear, the case becomes covered with a layer of patina.

FAMAS | Neural Net

This skin from the Restricted category is perfect for players who collect yellow inventory. The skin appeared in the game in 2015, and you can get it when you open the Falchion Case. The body of the weapon is painted yellow and complemented with gray geometric patterns. If you care about the appearance of this skin, your best bet is to purchase a Neural Net with a low float value since, at high values, about half of the paint on the weapon disappears.

FAMAS | Djinn

FAMAS | Djinn is a real find for players who are delighted with brutal skins. The skin is included in the Chroma 2 Case, so if you are lucky enough, you can try to get the skin by opening this case.

The probability of getting such a skin is average since Djinn has a Classified rarity. The body of this weapon is not painted but has a distinctive feature – an engraving in the form of intertwined branches with a golden outline. In addition, there is an image of a demon on the butt; he is holding two swords in his hands.

FAMAS | Commemoration

FAMAS | Commemoration is the creation of designer Ezikyl, which Valve introduced in 2015. This skin is perfect for players who prefer bright skins or collect a collection of golden skins. The body of the weapon is painted golden, and the design is complemented by an image of a world map that imitates engraving. You can find a Commemoration skin with Covert rarity in the CS20 Case.

FAMAS | Teardown

This seemingly unremarkable skin has a Souvenir version that can cost over $100. Valve added it to the game in 2013. The entire body of the weapon has a blue and red diagonal stripe design.

The design looks as if the pattern was applied with aerosol paint. At high float values, the paint almost completely disappears from the weapon. You can find this skin in the DreamHack 2013 Souvenir Package and EMS One 2014 Souvenir Package.

How to Get FAMAS Skins in CS2?

The easiest and fastest way to replenish your inventory with the FAMAS skin is to purchase it on the Steam market or a third-party trading platform. A more unpredictable way to get the FAMAS skin is by opening cases. However, there is no guarantee that you will get exactly the skin you dream of. If you are focused on free CS2 skins, then it makes sense to look for streamers who offer free skins for views or performing certain actions.


FAMAS skins are predominantly minimalistic – they can be bright or dull. When choosing, we recommend focusing on your own design preferences. We hope that the selected skin will give you additional enthusiasm for the game.


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