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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pokemon Go in 2024




Are you still walking long distances while playing the hyped-up virtual game Pokemon Go? Since its inception in 2016, Pokemon Go has been adored by countless trainers globally, thanks to its novel mixture of the old Pokémon world and real life exploration which made its users feel like ‘resident adventurers.’ With more thrilling updates still being released, it looks like 2024 will become one of the busiest yet most exciting years for Pokemon Go. You see, this exhaustive manual has been prepared to provide you with the necessary info and tactics.

Starting the journey with Pokemon Go

The “Pokemon Go” game is available for download free of charge on iTunes,  Android app stores for those who are not familiar with it yet. During installation of the app, your phone will request approval to use the camera and GPS; this is necessary for an enhanced reality catching activity.

Upon its start up, you will have a chance to edit your character or pick one from among three starters Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle; after this, there appears a petite guide that explains how it works.

  • How to Catch Pokemon: Look around your real-world surroundings and toss Poke Balls at any Pokemon you see to try catching them. Pay attention to the size of the targeting ring and throw type (curveball, nice, great, excellent) for bonus XP.
  • Visiting Pokestops: These are real-world locations tied to landmarks and monuments where you can replenish supplies like Poke Balls used for catching. Simply walk within range and spin the photo disc to collect items.
  • Battling at Gyms: These are designated real-world locations tied to larger sites where you can battle the Pokemon assigned by rival teams. You’ll also be able to assign your own Pokemon to defend and claim the gym for your team once a spot is empty.

As a beginner, focus on catching lots of common Pokemon like Pidgey, Rattata, and Sentret. Hit every Pokestop you can, and get used to the throwing mechanics for catching. Joining a team (Instinct, Mystic, or Valor) will allow you to assign Pokemon to open gym spots once you reach a high enough level.

While against the game’s terms of service, some players may consider buying a Pokemon Go account for sale to get a head start on filling their Pokedex or acquiring rare, powerful Pokemon.

However, starting fresh and building your own collection through exploration and dedication is often more rewarding for true Pokemon Masters.

Pro Tip: Use the AR+ mode to make catching Pokemon even more immersive by allowing them to seamlessly blend into the real world on your camera view!

Strategies for Catching Rare and Powerful Pokemon

While common spawns like Pidgey and Rattata are plentiful, one of the biggest joys in Pokemon Go is catching rare, powerful, or regionally-exclusive species like Dragonite, Tyranitar, or the exotic Relicanth from New Zealand. Here are some expert tips for increasing your chances:

  1. Use Lures and Incense: These consumable items will temporarily attract more Pokemon to your location for 30-60 minutes when activated. Lures affect a specific PokeStop, while Incense draws spawns directly to you.
  2. Install Raid Mapping Apps: Community tools like PokeRaid and Raid Party allow you to see where intense, time-limited raid battles are occurring against powerful bosses, often rewarding rare Pokemon like Mewtwo if defeated.
  3. Attend Community Events: Pokemon Go frequently holds in-person, real-world events where rare spawns, egg hatches, and high-level raid bosses are made available for a limited time. Check the in-game news for details on upcoming Safari Zone and GO Fest events!
  4. Try Different Environments: Certain Pokemon only appear in specific environmental areas. Water types like Magikarp are more common near real lakes and oceans, while rock types frequent mountainous areas and parks for a terrain-based advantage.
  5. Watch for Weather Boosts: When in-game weather conditions match the real-world, related Pokemon types will spawn more frequently. For example, water types in rainy weather and fire types in sunny conditions.

You’ll also want to take advantage of in-game tools like Incense (attracts wild Pokemon to your location for 60 minutes) and Lures (same concept but affects a specific PokeStop for 30 minutes). Pokemon attracted this way have a higher chance of being rare or evolved forms.

A Look Pokemon Go Updates

Just like the main series game pokemon Go is frequently updated with new content and quality of life improvements to keep things fresh. Some of the biggest recent additions include:

  • Seasons and Seasonal Effects: The world of Pokemon Go now cycles between different seasons every three months, altering wild spawns, events, and even certain movesets to match the summer, fall, winter or spring theme.
  • Daily Incense: All players now receive a free daily Incense that attracts Pokemon to your location for a short period each day as an added bonus.
  • Pokemon Home Integration: As of late 2023, trainers can now transfer Pokemon between their Pokemon Home storage and Pokemon Go, allowing you to bring over monsters from the main series games.
  • Mega Evolution: Powerful Mega Evolved forms of classic Pokemon like Mega Charizard X and Y have been added as limited-time raid bosses and temporary combat forms you can activate.
  • Team Go Rocket Expansions: The nefarious Team Go Rocket continues to expand with new grunt types, battles against higher ranks like Sierra, and the ability to try rescuing shadow Pokemon of legendary species.

Building Your Ultimate Pokemon Team

A crucial aspect of pokemon Go is assembling a powerful and diverse Squad of Pokemon to battle at gyms and take on the toughest raid bosses. But where do you start Here’s a primer on how to train your dream team:

Understanding Type Matchups

Just like in the core Pokemon games, each monster has one or two types (water, fire, grass, etc.) that determine its strengths and weaknesses against other types. For example, water-types are strong against fire-types but weak against grass and electric-types.


When building a battle team, aim to have a wide type coverage to counter any threats you may face. Having the proper type advantages and movesets equipped becomes especially important in the game’s toughest max-tier raid boss fights.

Role Examples Notes
Attackers Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Lucario, Shadow Mewtwo High damage output for raids/battles
Defenders Blissey, Snorlax, Milotic, Slaking HighHP and defensive stats for holding gyms
Utility Mew, Metagross, Giratina, Melmetal Diverse movesets and type coverage

Top Attackers, Defenders, and Utility ‘MonsLucky Pokemon and Trading As you gather duplicate catches, keep an eye out for any Pokemon marked “Lucky” as powering these up requires less stardust. You can also vastly increase your luck by trading Pokemon with friends, allowing you to get new forms that may be region-exclusive where you live.

Pokemon Go’s Ever-Expanding Pokedex

Of course, one of the biggest goals for any devoted Pokemon trainer is catching ’em all by filling out their Pokedex entry list and seeing that coveted arceus entry completed. Pokemon Go has been steadily expanding its Pokedex over time:

  • Currently Available: Gens 1-6 (721 Pokemon species)
  • Unreleased: Gen 7-8 (230+ remaining species)

The rarity of each species tends to break down into tiers like:

  • Common: Easily found in the wild frequently like Pidgey, Rattata, Hoothoot, etc.
  • Uncommon: Moderate spawns found reasonably often like Geodude, Machop, Nidoran, etc.
  • Rare: Hard to encounter like starters, pseudo legends like Dratini and Gible, and most evolved forms.
  • Mythical/Legendary: Ultra rare species like Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi, and most boxart legendaries.
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