The Most Popular CS2 Cases To Open In CS2




Opening cases has long been a favored method among players to obtain sought-after items in CS2. However, with a plethora of cases available, each containing numerous items, selecting the right case can be a daunting task, especially when budget constraints come into play. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of case openings, focusing on some of the best and most affordable options. But you might wonder, do cheaper cases equate to fewer valuable items? The answer to this common query awaits below. Furthermore, we’ll address another pertinent question: if you already possess a case, is it wiser to sell it or keep it? Join us as we unravel these mysteries and arm you with valuable insights for your CS2 journey. Get ready to conquer the battlefield, Champion!

Which Cases Are the Most Affordable?

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are the best and cheapest cases in the game, along with some high-value items they contain:

Danger Zone Case

The Danger Zone Case can be opened with the same-named key, the Danger Zone Case Key. This case has a base grade rarity, making it a frequent drop at the end of matches. It contains a total of 69 skins, with 52 of them being special knife skins. It’s important to note that the prices for these special items are generally higher than the usual items found in cases. The price of the Danger Zone Case is relatively low, at around $0.55. However, when considering the overall cost, it’s essential to take into account the price of the key as well. Unfortunately, the key’s price is significantly higher than the case’s, typically around $18-19, which may discourage players from opening it. Here are several items, their average prices, and the probabilities of being revealed that you may get from the Danger Zone Case:

● Stiletto Knife | Vanilla – $350 – 0.30%

● Talon Knife | Stained – $503 – 0.21%

● AK-47 | Asiimov – $180 – 0.85%

Horizon Case

Let’s move on to the second case – the Horizon Case. The price for this case typically ranges between $0.50 to $0.60. Similarly, the key required to open the case shares the same name and costs approximately $8 on average. With a Base grade rarity, the Horizon Case is also a common drop. Curious about its contents? Here they are:

● Stiletto Knife | Vanilla – $350 – 0.30%

● AK-47 | Neon Rider – $115 – 1.02%

● AK-47 | Asiimov – $38 – 5.85%

Spectrum 2 Case

Acquiring the Spectrum 2 Case will set you back around $1.10 to $1.50, but given that it contains 47 different skins, with 30 of them being special rare items, this price is a bargain.

To unlock the case, you’ll need the Spectrum 2 Case Key, which costs approximately $13. If you’re fortunate enough to open the case, you might be rewarded with:

● Huntsman Knife | Tiger Tooth – $241 – 0.35%

● Shadow Daggers | Doppler – $188 – 0.43%

● AK-47 | The Empress – $101 – 0.73%

Do Inexpensive Cases Only Contain Poor Quality or Low-Value Items?

Absolutely not! The assumption that inexpensive cases only contain low-value or poor-quality items is far from the truth. In reality, the contents of cases, regardless of their price, are randomly selected from a pool of available items. This means that even the cheapest cases have the potential to reveal valuable or desirable items.

Indeed, the internet is filled with examples of players revealing surprisingly valuable items from inexpensive cases, once again highlighting the randomness of the process and showcasing the potential for lucrative discoveries even with budget-friendly options.

While the likelihood of unearthing rare or high-value items may be lower with inexpensive cases compared to their pricier counterparts, there are still opportunities for players to score valuable loot.

Is it Better to Open Cheap Cases or Sell Them?

Whether it’s more advantageous to open cheap cases or sell them depends on various factors, including individual preferences, risk tolerance, and financial goals.

Opening cases can be exciting and potentially rewarding, offering the chance to uncover rare or valuable items that could fetch a high price on the market. However, it’s important to recognize that the odds of obtaining such items are typically low, and the majority of case openings result in lower-value items that may not recoup the initial investment. However, even if you acquire a relatively cheaper skin through case opening, you can explore options such as how to upgrade CS2 Skins and turn your skin into a better value item.

On the other hand, selling cheap cases outright can provide a more predictable return, albeit smaller in comparison to the potential windfall from a successful case opening. Additionally, selling cases allows players to immediately monetize their investment without the uncertainty and risk associated with opening them.


In conclusion, we’ve highlighted several of the cheapest CS2 cases available, such as the Danger Zone Case, Horizon Case, Spectrum 2 Case, offering players affordable options for their case-opening endeavours. Our exploration of these inexpensive cases has shown that they don’t necessarily contain poor quality or low-value items. While there may be a higher chance of obtaining lower-tier items, the randomness of the case opening process means that valuable discoveries can still be made.

Regarding whether it’s better to open cheap cases or sell them, the answer ultimately hinges on individual preferences and circumstances. Some players relish the thrill of opening cases in hopes of striking it lucky, while others prefer to sell cases for a guaranteed return. It’s crucial to consider the potential risks and rewards before making a decision.


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