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FF 14 from Square Enix is a project that did not immediately find its response in the hearts of gamers, and we had to change the development team in order to offer a truly valuable and competitive project capable of competing with World of Warcraft, which will extend the glorious history of the Final Fantasy project and will allow fans to play together and against each other and earn FF 14 gil and experience.

In order to have an interesting and profitable time in Final Fantasy, you need to be able to earn and spend gils – the currency of the Kingdom, in order to get yourself the best equipment and weapons, and in order to do this better, you need to understand how the game currency works and what Square Enix offers you.

Getting Gil

The developers always try to give players the opportunity to earn the required amount of gil and offer different amounts for all groups of gamers.

For nolifers, regular players and rare visitors there should be equal conditions for earning gil for all needs and time spent.


This type of gameplay is for players who are new to the world of MMO RPGs and need a guide to the story and mechanics, otherwise they simply won’t find a way to get FF 14 gil on their own.

This method of leveling up and earning money is quite fast and stable, but it is not the most profitable, and sometimes you need to complete dozens of tasks to get gold for the desired sword or bow.

Monster Hunt

Players who can afford multi-hour gaming sessions will adapt well to full-fledged hunting formats and earn as much Final Fantasy gil as their overall online allowance.

You just need to choose a location with monsters that match the level and type of your class. It will not hunt effectively where monsters are far apart, and you are strong in mass attacks.


There are always players who do not want to destroy, but to create, and in order to retain this cluster of players, developers create a system of professions.

This is how the server economy is filled with a large number of goods, not only in natural ways, such as raids and luck in hunting, but also in a predictable way, when hundreds of crafters of different specialties create many goods that are needed by less active players and crafting resources that are supplied by other groups of players who want get only gil in Final Fantasy 14.

Just decide who you are in this economic chain – a crafter, a miner, or a neutral buyer.


There is always a group of players who play with their regular group of friends or just loners who are willing to tolerate random players for the rewards that can be obtained by killing the boss.

These are weapons and armor of different levels of quality and strength that will help strengthen the hero, but often players simply throw them into the game market and all interested, but less fortunate players can simply buy the necessary lots and enter their gils into Final Fantasy.

Buying Gils

In FF 14, as in all MMO RPGs, there are separate services that can mine gil, and they are ready to sell it to players for real money to all interested gamers.

You can buy Final Fantasy 14 Skycoach gils from the service with guarantees of security and anonymity, and the managers will do everything to ensure that your new enrichment goes unnoticed by the game administration.

Giles for sale are farmed by professionals, the transaction itself takes place using special characters, and in case of force majeure, a financial guarantee is provided from the Skycoach service.

Wasting Gils

In order for players to have the motivation and desire to farm gil, they must spend it, preferably in large quantities, but at the same time effectively.

No one will like it if they need to farm for two days for an item that will take 10 minutes, or simply have little value for such efforts.

Gil is usually spent on consumables and intermediate items.

For example, instead of farming yourself a weapon for level 50, you just immediately aim for 60 and buy it already and at the same time play with 40.

Weapons and Armor

Always try to invest in things that you can simply buy and get an instant boost without any extra work.

This is how the market works – someone is constantly creating armor and weapons, and someone is constantly repurchasing it and then selling it, and this is how gil is constantly distributed.


Some players are even ready to sacrifice a share of their earnings and spend FF 14 gils on purchasing resources for crafting, rather than extracting them themselves, and after resale they will still remain in the black.


Developers who can offer players a quick and casual way to earn or lose in-game gold will be able to draw them into longer gameplay, but the methods must be legal.

Square Enix created a whole entertainment zone, the Golden Saucer, for this purpose.

This is a full-fledged amusement and activity park, which has its own currency of the same name, which can be exchanged for gil at a one-to-one rate.

You will find Mahjong, events and mini-games, fashion shows and other entertainment in which you can throw a large number of gils and not leave the park itself for a long time.

Everything you earn can be withdrawn into Final Fantasy 14 gils when you leave the territory.

Preparing for the Update

Each game constantly receives regular updates, in some places they are frequent, in others not.

It is advisable to always have a supply of gil on hand so that at the time of the update you can quickly buy back all the necessary equipment.

In fact, it is equally important to maintain a good supply and not just sit on a lot of gil.

For example, with the release of patch notes, some equipment may lose its value, and sometimes you need to sell it on time, even if you still need it. At the moment of loss of value, you will simply buy it back and be left with FF 14 gils and armor.

A similar method works in the new update, when all goods will be overpriced until the market is saturated with them, and you need to sell everything that comes to your hand, even if it is relevant at the moment, such as legendary level weapons. In the future, you will buy it back again, but for a much smaller amount of FF 14 gils than it cost before.

Sell literally everything – resources, equipment and weapons.

Go to new raids first, and then you will be the one who will fill the game market with goods and receive gils for it.

Follow the Auction and Prices

Sometimes valuable items can be obtained suddenly and at a very low price. To do this, you just need to constantly monitor prices and check whether someone has made a mistake with an extra zero in the price.

Sort items and check the total price, learn to quickly scan through all the lists so you don’t spend all your time on it.

You won’t always come across valuable lots, but the potential profit should add interest to your actions. Look for the benefit, but don’t make it a priority in your gameplay.

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