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UAE Economic Situation Trending Towards Improvement – Kavan Choksi



The UAE economy is looking up, with a number of indicators trending towards improvement, according to economic experts like Kavan Choksi. The latest report from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the non-oil sector is growing steadily, and this is reflected in increased consumer confidence and spending. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the factors that are contributing to this positive trend.

Diversification is Occurring

The UAE is a prime example of how diversification can be an effective strategy for economic growth. For many years, the country was heavily reliant on oil and gas revenues. However, the UAE has been investing in diversifying its economy away from oil and gas, and this is starting to pay off. The non-oil sector now accounts for more than two-thirds of GDP, and it continues to grow at a steady pace.

In addition, sectors such as construction, retail, and hospitality are all doing well, thanks to increasing consumer demand. This diversification has helped to insulate the UAE against the volatile oil market, and it is poised to continue growing in the future.

Investment in Infrastructure

Investment in infrastructure is critical for any country that wants to foster economic growth. This is especially true in the UAE, where the government has been investing heavily in a number of large-scale infrastructure projects. These initiatives, such as the Dubai Expo 2020 project and the rollout of 5G technology, are not only helping to drive economic growth but also creating jobs and attracting foreign investment.

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In addition, by making it easier to do business in the UAE, the government is sending a message that it is open for business and welcoming of investment. This is helping to position the country as a global hub for business and trade, which is benefiting the economy as a whole.

A Strong Workforce

The UAE has a highly educated and skilled workforce, which is another key driver of economic growth. In addition, the country has been working hard to attract talented workers from overseas. This is helping to fill skills shortages in some sectors and ensuring that businesses have the staff they need to grow.

The UAE’s focus on attracting and retaining skilled workers is paying off, with the country’s unemployment rate remaining low at just 2.4%. This is good news for businesses and sets the UAE up well for continued economic growth.

An Improving Global Economy

The UAE has long been known as a business-friendly environment, and that reputation is only getting better. In recent years, the UAE has made significant strides in improving its infrastructure and making it more attractive to foreign businesses. This is starting to pay off, as the country is seeing increased trade and investment. In addition, more visitors are coming to the UAE, thanks to its growing reputation as a tourist destination.

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All of these factors are helping to drive economic growth and make the UAE an even more attractive place to do business. Thanks to its improving economy, the UAE is well positioned to continue its climb as one of the world’s leading business hubs.

Final Thoughts

The positive trend in the UAE economy is set to continue in the coming months, thanks to a number of factors. These include diversification away from oil and gas, investment in infrastructure, a strong workforce, and an improving global economy. This is good news for businesses and consumers alike, and it is helping to make the UAE an even more attractive place to live and work.

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