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How do you use beam in a sentence? |



Beam is a cryptocurrency that’s trying to be more mainstream than Bitcoin. It also has an app store and support for gaming, so it would make sense that Beam uses the blockchain too. The problem with this sentence is you used “beam” when I asked about how do you use beam in a sentence!

Beam is a new cryptocurrency that is being used as a verb in a sentence. Beam can be used to send money, or buying and selling goods.

How do you use beam in a sentence? |

Examples of Beam Sentences

  1. I secured their door by lifting the big wood beam that across it.
  2. He closed the door after turning the beam around the yard.
  3. He walked inside the doorway and focused the light beam on her.
  4. The spotlight suddenly caught a man hunched ahead.

Similarly, you could wonder what the beam phrase is.

In a sentence, examples of beam A brilliant beam of light is a noun. The rays from their headlamps were visible. The steel support beams of the structure Verb She was beaming as she shared the good news with us. They were giddy with joy as they stood there. He beamingly said, “We’re getting married!”

What exactly does it mean to “beam” at someone? When you say someone is beaming, you’re referring to someone who has a wide grin on their face because they’re happy, satisfied, or proud of something. With undisguised adoration, she grinned at her pal. With wide arms and a welcoming grin, he approached.

What does a beam look like?

A 24 inch by 24 inch square piece of wood used in home building is an example of a beam. A beam is a concentrated flow of particles, waves, or signals that is characterized as a column of light. The illumination provided by a lighthouse is an example of a beam.

In a sentence, how do you utilize the word predicament?

In a sentence, examples of situation The President was caught in the middle of previous agreements, and the need for secrecy made his situation much more difficult. — Parting the Waters, by Taylor Branch, was published in 1988. The governor has found himself in a difficult situation. I’m not sure how I’m going to get out of this situation.

Answers to Related Questions

What is a synonym for the word “beam”?

SYNONYMS. joist, purlin, girder, support, strut, stay, brace, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, balk, board, wood, plank, lath, rafter Cantilever, collar beam, tie beam, summer, summer tree, hammer beam 2’a ray of sunshine’

What is your favorite way to express admiration?

Sentence Examples to Admire

  1. I respect the time and work you put into it.
  2. I like your drive and enthusiasm.
  3. They aspire to be like you because of what you’ve done.
  4. Your bravery inspires me.
  5. She came to a halt to examine the colors and textures of a fruit pyramid.

What is the correct spelling of Beem?

This word (Beem) might be spelt incorrectly. BEEM is spelled correctly.

  1. beam The beam had a holy force, and the prow of the ship should be fashioned from it.
  2. bee “Do you keep an eye on him, too?” the Bee -woman said, her hands folded in her lap.
  3. beef If your opposition to Protestantism is based only on your hate of roast meat and plum pudding.”

Where do beams come into play?

A beam is a horizontal structure that can withstand horizontal, vertical, and shear loads… Beams are employed in the construction of buildings, bridges, columns, and other structures that support vertical loads….

What exactly is a Beem?

Beem It is a mobile payment program that enables you to pay and be paid by anybody, anywhere, at any time, securely and in real time, regardless of who you bank with, as long as you have downloaded and signed up for the Beem It app.

In science, what is a beam?

A beam is a structural element that resists loads that are applied laterally to the axis of the beam. Its primary method of deflection is bending. Beams are distinguished by their support method, profile (cross-section form), equilibrium conditions, length, and material.

What is a sentence for the position of chief?

23659 CK I was forced to labor like a slave by the division head. 804232 NekoKanjya The war had been declared lost, according to the army leader. 2163154 VOA SOURCE VOA SOURCE VOA_ The president will be sworn in by the chief justice. 289863 Source VOA VOA VOA VOA VOA VO He has been the tribal leader for 35 years. 276674 CK Nothing may be used against the bureau leader.

What exactly is a supported beam?

A simply supported beam has pinned support on one end and roller support on the other. Shearing and bending occur depending on the load applied. It is one of the most basic structural components known to man. A simple supported beam is shown in the figure below.

What are the many kinds of beams?

The four kinds of beams are as follows:

  • Beam that is just supported.
  • Beam that is fixed.
  • Cantilever Beam is a kind of beam that may be used to support a
  • Beam that is continuously supported.

Which is more powerful, the I beam or the H beam?

An H-beam features a thicker middle web, making it more durable. Because an I-central beam’s web is frequently narrower than an H- beam’s, it can’t withstand as much force. Because the H-beam is frequently much heavier than the I-beam, it can withstand greater force.

What exactly is the purpose of Contraflexure?

A point of contraflexure in a bending beam is defined as a region where the bending moment is zero (changes its sign). It is the place on a bending moment diagram where the bending moment curve hits the zero line.

What is the name of a light beam?

A light beam, also known as a light beam or a light beam, is a directed projection of light energy emitted by a light source. When sunlight is filtered via clouds, trees, or windows, it generates a light beam (a sunbeam). The beam divergence of light from some kinds of lasers is the minimum achievable.

What is the most powerful beam shape?


What exactly do you mean when you say shear force?

force of shear The pressure of air along the front of an aircraft wing is an example of a force operating in a direction parallel to a surface or a planar cross section of a body. Shear strain is often caused by shear forces. The viscosity of a fluid is related to its resistance to such forces. Shearing force is another name for it.

What is the definition of a load-bearing beam?

Finding the beams—typically a metal I-beam or a multi-board wood beam—in a home with an unfinished basement or readily accessible wall is a solid indicator of where the house’s weight is resting. A load-bearing wall right above those beams (and any walls directly above those walls) is most likely.

What exactly do you mean when you say “girder”?

A girder is a horizontal major structural part (as in a building or bridge) that bears vertical loads and is made up of a single piece or many pieces that are connected together.

What are the applications of cantilevers?

Without any supporting columns or bracing, cantilevers provide a clean area under the beam. With the emergence of steel and reinforced concrete, cantilevers became a common structural type. They’re often employed in building construction, particularly in cantilever bridges.

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