How Much Does a Virtual Office Cost in London



More businesses opt for virtual offices due to their convenience and affordability compared to physical offices. According to recent research findings, the value of the virtual office market back in 2021 was $ 40.51. It is projected to get to $137.65 billion by 2029. That exhibits a CAGR of 16% in the forecast period.

Justifying a physical office in London will be difficult when running a startup and conscious about spending. Rental costs of a prime office can get to $90 for every square foot. Hence, you must pay thousands a year to arrange a prestigious address. When your team increases after some time, you will have to deal with high operating expenses.

What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual office refers to a service that enables business owners and employees to work remotely by offering a wide range of business functions through the Internet. It allows organizations to come up and maintain a presence in a desirable location without paying rent for the physical space.

The cheapest virtual office London will allow you to enjoy several physical office benefits without desks or space. The Executive Suite industry brought the idea and was launched by Ralph Gregory in 1994 when he launched ‘The Virtual Office, Inc.”

What Does Virtual Office Payment Package Consists

Three main things determine the virtual office price. They are the three services; mail management, office space, and location.


One of the main benefits of virtual office offers is getting an address. You must determine where you want your location to be virtual. Having a prestigious address within the city center will help take your business to a new level by bringing in professional legitimacy. You may not be able to achieve it when using your home address.

Your potential customers will trust and recognize your business when it has a well-known address, business cards, and headed papers on its website. It will help you develop an established corporate brand that will help you create an impressive first-hand impression.

Price Comparison of Virtual Office: Number One Location Packages

The virtual office market is relatively new. Several competing firms are ready to accommodate your business. Competition means more services and choices. It also means you will have to spend more time researching providers.

Price Across London

The Average cost for a virtual office London address comes in three tiers: premium, mid-range and affordable.

There are different providers, with some offering affordable prices ranging from $15 to $35 monthly. Depending on the type of package you intend to purchase, there is a possibility of getting more or fewer service selections like: forwarding, pickup/ drop off point, emailing and scanning, mail handling, and call forwarding in the higher tier plans.

The mid-range providers do charge from $50 a month. Sometimes, it can include members’ only events and document handling. Apart from the business address, you will also get several other services as add-ons.

The premium providers will charge approximately $ 180 every month. The higher tier allows you to choose a business address in areas you like and offers call handling and document.

Price Across the United Kingdom

To ensure you get accurate figures, we put up virtual offices across the United Kingdom. To properly understand the market prices, we divided the virtual office across the United Kingdom into three categories.

  • Affordable: The price ranges from $ 15 to $34 monthly in London.
  • Mid-range: The price ranges from $25 to $30 monthly in Manchester and Cardiff.
  • Premium: Price ranges up to $140 every month in Edinburgh.

Price Across Europe

The virtual office price across different European cities varies from one to the next. Here are a few examples to help offer you more contexts:

  • Affordable: Price starts from $ 10 per month in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Mid-range: Price ranges from $24.95 per month in Berlin, Germany.
  • Premium: Price ranges from $95.2 per month in Paris, France.

Mail Management Services

Mail forwarding service: Here, you get the mail sorted and sent to you using first-class postage. You can choose if this happens daily, weekly, or monthly. This service charge covers mail administration fees and postage costs.

Mail Scanning: Mail scanning is ideal when you dream of having a life without post piles. You will save yourself clutter and time while the mail gets opened for you. The virtual office will always scan it and email you. It can happen daily to ensure you receive all updates.

Forwarding and Scanning: When important documents arrive and require a hard copy apart from scanning services, you can always get this via the first-class post.

Depending on your package type, the mail handling specifics can vary.

Here are the virtual office packages:

  • Virtual Office Collect: Refers to a P.O. Box package style.
  • Virtual office forward: It is a mail redirection to your chosen address.
  • Virtual Scan Lite Office: A digitization of the incoming mail.
  • Virtual Scan Pro Office: This one entails scanning, forwarding incoming mail hard copies, and emailing.

You can always use any options that suit you when you add extra service without enduring a significant financial commitment.

Office Space

There are times when you need a physical office. For example, if you are a digital person but have to move around different cities to meet your clients. You can consider renting a casual workspace instead of meeting them in a café or hotel room.

You can make payment per hour or pay per day, week, or month depending on what suits you. Also, you can choose a co-working space or a private office. You can always hire meeting or conference facilities when organizing events. The prices will always vary depending on the capacity, facility, and location.


A virtual office will help you save a lot of money and save you from the stress of renting a physical space. It takes effort to find an affordable virtual office address in London. There are several virtual offices with a wide range of prices ranging from $ 15 to $150 per month. Apart from the prime business address, the virtual office plan will include mail management services, reception services, and, at times, pay-as-you-go office spaces.


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